Wes Henson

Minister of Youth
Wes is a husband, father, son, brother, teacher, and guitar player.
He and his wife Mica have two girls, Anna and Charis. He believes with all his heart that God has called his family to serve the church through student ministry.
Wes came to Trinity from Bronte, Texas in March 2019 where he was serving at First Baptist Church. He is an active blogger. (threequestionleadership.com)
He attended and graduated from Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon Seminary.

Youth Ministry – March 2022

The last three February’s we have opened up camp registration and offered a “VIP” signup window. During the first three weeks of registration, every student who is signed up for camp is counted as a “VIP” and gets perks and privileges at camp. It’s a fun way to help build excitement about Youth Camp.
I asked a few of our VIP Students what they are most looking forward to about camp, and here are their answers:
Jack Bowers, 8th Grade – I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends and building relationships
Elisa Keese, 11th Grade – The connections I get to build with younger youth. All of my friends are doing different activities at different times so I kind of jump around with who I’m hanging out with. With this I get to talk to people I may have never spoken to before and I get to know their personalities and sometimes even engage in conversations about their faith. I return home with more friends than I started with.
Christian Stahl, 10th Grade – Probably learning more about God and learning how to spread his word
Anna Henson, 9th Grade – I am looking forward to building friendships and having fun at activities such as block parties and archery tag.
Carson Boles, 10th Grade – The time with friends, worship, and just the experience I know God will give me.
Ryia Neuman, 11th Grade – The worship
Cayden Brown, 10th Grade – Finding random people to hang out with at Rec and with our camp color groups
Luke Bowers, 6th Grade – Growing friendships, making new friends, and growing in my faith.
If you know a 6th-12th grade student who would be interested in joining us, we would love to have them! They can sign up at tbck.org/students.


Youth Ministry

February may be one of my favorite months of ministry at Trinity for one simple reason: Camp VIP Signups open up!
Now, that may seem extreme, but allow me a second to explain myself. So much of what happens at Trinity Student Ministry is helping students explore what it means to grow in their relationship with God. One of the best ways to jumpstart faith is to do so in community—through relationships with like minded peers who are also striving to grow closer to God.
One of the best things TSM offers to help with that is camp. At camp friendships are formed, relationships are deepened, memories are made, and inside jokes take root. And that’s not even taking into account the incredible worship and intentional time studying God’s word together! Talk about life change!
So, why does this make February one of my favorite months? Because now is when we start building excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do in, around, and through us this summer. It helps us find something to look forward to and to spur each other on towards.
Last year at camp I saw memories being made, friendships taking shape, and lives being changed and challenged. And I cannot wait for God to do even more this summer!
Best of all: if you sign up for camp during our VIP registration period, you get perks! Keep your eyes open for more details on perks as they’re announced this week.


TSM Update – January 2022

I love the energy and excitement that comes with a new year. I enjoy routine, but sometimes our routines need a reset. January provides such an opportunity.
We had a great 2021, all things considered. Camp was a large focus of what we did, and it allowed us to spring into August with some great momentum. December, however, was a great month as well. We had a blast at Circles Live, then competed in the Christma-Lympics for our TSM Christmas party. Combine that with time together and caroling, and the Christmas season was so much fun.
For 2022, I’m looking forward to camp and the opportunities we are going to have there. But that’s not the best part of the year. We have some exciting events and opportunities, beginning with our Circles each Wednesday at 6pm. Circles provide an opportunity for students to navigate the intersection of faith and life. We’ve seen relationships with God and with each other deepen and hope to continue to see more and more students join us.
One final word: thank you to all the adults who have stepped up to help this past year. We could not do what we do without awesome people who love God and like teenagers (even just a little). Thanks for all you do!
– Wes Henson



Youth Report – December 2021

Let me begin by saying a great big thank you to everyone who helped donate items for our Shoebox packing party on November 3. We were able to pack over 50 boxes, and then had individuals take home extra boxes to pack on their own, we ended up dropping off 60+ boxes.
I love watching traditions take shape. Some of the students who participated with us have been packing shoeboxes for years, and others were completely new to the process, but excited to keep it going.
That brings me to musings on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Built into the holiday season are opportunities for families to make the most of traditions. My brother and I still joke about looking at Christmas lights before getting to open presents (we were not fans of the tradition), but the shared memory helps us stay connected all these years later.
What traditions does your family have? How can you lean into them this season? Maybe there’s a new one you can start? One of the greatest opportunities we have as a family is to collectively look to God, and my prayer is you will do that this Christmas season.


Three Things I Love About Trinity Student Ministry

The Students. We have some absolutely incredible students. I see it when we go on trips, but also in our weekly meetings. We have students who love being together, who love God, and who love having fun. Our middle schoolers have an enthusiasm that words can hardly describe. Our high schoolers are making an impact around them. Our student leaders (made up of middle schoolers and high schoolers) are eagerly learning how to make a difference, and they are making a difference.
The Adults. One of the best kept secrets when it comes to the Student Ministry is we have some top notch adults pouring into students’ lives. The adults who serve love Jesus and want to help model and encourage that love in those they serve. Whether that means they’re leading a table discussion on Sunday mornings (helping reinforce the scripture we’re studying), volunteering at an event, or teaching a lesson to their Circle on Wednesday nights, our adults are making a difference.
Glo Games. Never have I ever done an event like Glo Games before coming to Trinity. Black lights, dodgeball, face paint, photo booths, and a confetti drop are all excellent parts of Glo Games. But the most exciting part isn’t the games at all, it’s the way our students invite their friends to not only participate in what we do, but also to find a place where they can belong. Glo Games is more than games, it’s an introduction to the Trinity family, and something I’m always thrilled to help lead.