21 September 2024

First Blessing

Considered “Trinity’s Mission Trip to Kerrville”, teams for  setting up, the parking lot, greeting, registration table, cooking & serving, sock & feet measuring, shoe room attendants, bagging & boxing, praying will gather on September 16th for First Blessing.  Counselors from local schools select children to receive invitations to this event where they can choose a […] ...

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Ben & Susie Argil on Mission

Eight years is a long time to pray for someone or something.  But, it was not just words without deeds.  For M’s family, there was hope and a revelation from God.  They began to physically build a place not knowing that it would take years to see a church (people) gathering to worship the All-Powerful God, the great I AM. 
No name for this church yet.  But, they have a God-given vision:  to tell the redemptive story of God through His Son Jesus Christ to all the people of their community and beyond.
A love donation was given to complete the needed bathrooms.  The plan is for the project to be completed by the time a medical caravan arrives at the end of October.
Please pray for these villages and new churches where the medical team will be ministering:  La Quemada, Puerto de   Nieto, Alfa y Omega, Jesus Maria, and El Fraile.  There will be approximately 500 patients receiving much needed medication and services. 


Dominican Republic Mission Trip Testimonies

Ryia Neuman – If I am being perfectly honest, I was not all that excited about leaving Kerrville for the week. I was worried I was going to miss out on things happening here. It was also my first time traveling out of the country since I was 5 years old, so I was pretty nervous. We got there and my attitude towards it wasn’t great, but throughout the week God truly changed my heart. I got to work alongside Dominicans and they are such sweet and loving people. The Dominicans have hospitality like I’ve never seen before; the way they give everything when they have basically nothing is so inspiring to me. One of my favorite nights was when we ate in some of the church member’s homes and sat around the table and shared our testimonies, it was such a surreal experience and it warmed my heart. I also got the chance to work with some kids a couple of days during VBS and, even though I don’t know a lot of Spanish, I used what I did know. God truly showed me that I wasn’t there for me; I was there for them, and after I realized that it was a great life lesson and opportunity.
Rick Boles – Blessed beyond measure to go again and see what God has done and is doing through STCH and IBQ since 2006 for schools, Orphan Homes, and assistance with families for housing.
Aidan Hawkins – I had never been on an airplane and so that was a very new experience for me. It was so much fun seeing a different culture and meeting so many new friends. My two favorite people there were Angelica and Caroline. I’m hoping we are going to go next year. When we were at the orphanage, I helped cut the carrots for lunch and a bunny hopped into the house. I also helped paint a Jonah and the whale mural, and the basketball court. It was so much fun.
Isabella Hawkins – During my experience on the DR Trip, I was very busy. I helped with our VBS games at La Ceiba and it was fun. We played freeze tag and had a rock-paper-scissors relay race. The last day we just ran around and played. It was exciting to experience a different style of how people do things. I met a lot of amazing people in the DR. I hope I can go back and see them again next year.
Cortney Hawkins – Some of my most memorable moments of the DR trip include, even before we left, knowing many people were praying for us throughout this trip and all the preparations in coming! I really enjoyed getting to do regular devotions with the girls again; something that had waned over the holidays. Between VBS, med clinic and the orphanage, I was blessed to have special interactions at each place. My favorite was Wednesday evening, when after some worship, the whole congregation naturally went into small pairs or groups to pray before Bible study. I was able to pray with Cynthia, who knew very little English. And, with my very little Spanish, although conversations were stunted and brief, heartfelt prayers were lifted. After all – God knows English too.


The Anderson Family on Mission

by Julie Robinson

The Andersons will be on furlough soon. They are going to Germany first to visit family and supporters from 6/28-7/13. Then they continue on to Chicago and from there will be in Texas on 7/29. They hope to visit with Trinity while they are stateside! 
In April, their first-grade teacher at the Amano school was medically evacuated to Germany and this has caused an administrative domino effect with school duties.  Their plates were already very full, and both Aaron and Andrea have taken on additional administrative duties due to the staff shortage. If you know of a retired educator who loves the Lord and is interested in serving in missions (short term and/ or long term), please share this urgent need with them.
  1. Their most urgent need is for Missionary teachers, dorm parents, a principal, and a kitchen manager. 
  2. Classrooms: Their classes have outgrown the small container classrooms and they need to be replaced with brick. We pray for the Lord to provide the finances to build these classrooms. The container classrooms will be moved to start up the vocational center that will be partnered with Amano. To build the classrooms it would cost $55,000 for a block of 4 classrooms.
  3. They are still in need of a booster car seat when they are in the US and a high chair to borrow (The booster in Illinois as they arrive there and a high chair to borrow both in Illinois and preferably one in the Kerrville area).
  4. Prayers for their family’s protection (physical and spiritual), strength and wisdom.
  5. Prayers for strength, patience, love and wisdom in balancing their time between mentoring, teaching the students, raising their girls, and managing Amano.


Kenya Mission Trip

by Sharron Hawk & Judy Stevens
When I received a message stating that Trinity Baptist was known as a church invested in missions, I was more than excited. IMB (the International Missions Board) was asking for a team from Trinity to volunteer to instruct children while their missionary parents were participating in a Home School Conference in Africa. Because I knew how important these conferences can be to families serving in remote locations, I was ready to go. But was this what God would have us to do? I began to pray, and went to Pastor John, who encouraged me to proceed. Would God lead members of our congregation to become involved in this type of mission? As people began to hear about this opportunity, God brought together a wonderful team of thirteen people who said yes to God’s call. God placed it on Judy Stevens’ heart to help in coordinating the trip. I was thrilled that she and Frank were willing to take on the leadership role as the winter months are busy for pastoral care. God faithfully brought together every detail of the trip and bonded a team of individuals, some who were meeting each other for the first time.
On March 9th we began our 24-hours of flights to Kenya. The mission effort was not without challenges. Illness was part of our journey. Team members who were healthy ministered to those who were sick, making sure they recovered while the work of the mission continued without interruption. Judy kept our church members updated on prayer needs and we kept seeing God answer those prayers. We gained strength from knowing our church family and prayer partners were praying for us. For security reasons, we cannot identify the children we taught but I assure you their smiles told the whole story. This was God’s mission not ours. He blessed in so many unexpected ways and left each team member with memories they will never forget. To God be all the glory.


Mission News: The Plaum Family

by Hollis Uecker
Martin and Jovita Pflaum and their two children are missionaries at the Amano Christian School in Zambia. They have been there a little over a year. Martin is the brother of Andrea Anderson, who is also a missionary at the Amano School with her husband, Aaron, and their family.
Martin has begun an aviation ministry in Zambia called Imbila Nsuma Wings (which means “good news” or “gospel” in the local language.) Aviation missions can make a life-or-death difference in Zambia. The roads are rugged and dangerous. Instead of spending days on a road trip, they can airlift people or supplies in a matter of hours. This speed is essential, especially in emergency situations. Recently, Martin flew someone suffering from a painful issue to a mission hospital to get professional help and he is now on the road to recovery.
Along with his aviation ministry, Martin and Jovita have the opportunity to interact daily with the boys in the dorm where their apartment is located. They lead youth nights with the 8th-12th graders at Amano and have found the one-on-one discipleship to be the most meaningful. They also invite the girls over for dessert and games to get to know them better. A highlight for Martin is getting to preach regularly, with an interpreter, at a church in the local community. It’s a small church with only about 30-40 members, but those who attend are eager listeners. Both Martin and Jovita love sports. He has been helping with a few PE lessons each week and is involved in coaching the boys’ soccer team. Jovita runs with some of the primary students in their weekly cross country run and joins in on pickup volleyball and basketball games.
Their biggest challenges are the change in culture and having a different way of life. Jovita misses the Southern hospitality and hearing the word y’all used daily. Another challenge is with the aviation ministry. The airplane they fly was built in the 1960s needs maintenance work every now and then. The engine needs to be replaced or overhauled. Even with these challenges, they know they are where God wants them and appreciates our prayers and support throughout the year.
The biggest news from the Pflaums is that in June of this year they will be welcoming 2 new members to their family. They are expecting TWINS!


Dominican Republic Trip

Joe, Jennifer, Jaden, and Jordan Rief; Becky Doyal; April, Jaycee, and Kenleigh Conner; JD Templeton; and Wes, Mica, Anna, and Charis Henson traveled June 18-25 to the Dominican Republic. We experienced God’s great work through a number of projects. Here are excerpts from a few of their stories.
Anna – God taught me about using simple tasks to glorify Him. We served ice cream to the youth and played basketball and volleyball, all of which God was working through even with the language barrier. God also helped me to discover new ways in which I can be a better leader now.
Becky – We visited the Santiago Orphanage, a wonderful place which cares for 140 abused and neglected children – teens to infants – who were legally removed from their parents. My heart hurts for those children, but I praise God that they are in a good place now. I plan, Lord willing, to go again next year.
April – This is my second mission trip to go on and I will say that I always get more out of it than I give. There were things to do at many different skill levels from sewing, making and sanding bunk beds, and construction. One of the construction leaders said, “God has given us a left and a right hand, and it’s up to you what you do with it.”
Charis – God showed me how he can take care of the orphans who have been mistreated by their family or who do not have a family. Some of the kids were scared to accept Christ because they thought they might get bullied. So, we encouraged them to accept Him because God will help them through it.
Jaycee – Before I went on this trip I was scared and not quite sure how I would help contribute. Now though, I feel like God has shown me that if I am willing I can be used for his work. This trip taught me a lot about myself and showed me that there are sisters and brothers in Christ everywhere. I encourage everyone, who is willing, to go on the next trip. The experience will give you far more than you ever imagined.
Mica – God taught me during my time in the Dominican Republic that no job was too small. There were times that I was not part of a large project, but I found ways to be helpful. Organizing donations, sweeping construction debris, and cleaning the dining area. All of it was essential in helping with the work God was doing.
Kenleigh – The way the people prayed so selfless convicted me that what I pray for doesn’t really matter. For example, they prayed for other people to know Christ and that they would have a good education. This trip not only brought me closer to people in the Dominican, but people from our church. I was originally nervous about going because it was a different, unknown place. But by the end, I didn’t want to leave.


Mission Trip Participants

Each year Trinity travels inside and outside the US on Mission, With potential trips to the Texas/Mexico border and to Cuba. Use the Connect Card to express your interest in going. Get your passport ready!