Adult Groups


Sunday Morning Bible Study

Every Sunday morning at 9:45 AM and 11:00 AM and during the week small groups connect people for Bible study, fellowship and service. Both hours on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM provide Bible Study for Adults. Child care is available during all worship services. 

Men’s Ministry

Men of all ages connect for service and events throughout the year. A Bible study on Thursday mornings meets during the school year.

Women’s Ministry

Throughout the year the Women’s ministry meets for Bible study, interest events/activities, and fellowship.
Starting Jan. 10
Spring Women’s Bible Study

Marriage Ministry

Designed for newlyweds to empty-nesters…

Prime Time

Newly retired, soon to be retired, and retired adults gather regularly for The Prime Time Choir on Fridays once a month for sing-a-longs and fellowship.

A Way of Life…For All of Life

“Discipleship isn’t a program or an event; it’s a way of life. It’s not for a limited time, but for our whole life. Discipleship isn’t for beginners alone; it’s for all believers for every day of their life.   Discipleship isn’t just one of the things the church does; it is what the church does.” (emphasis mine)- Bill Hull, author of The Complete Book of Discipleship.
Bill is a speaker and former pastor whose ministry focus is discipleship and church leadership. For him, the biblical view of discipleship is “a way of life…for all of life!” That doesn’t mean discipleship happens by osmosis. It is intentional and has some level of structure.

Young and old, male and female, single or married – all believers are on a discipleship journey. What is the next step for you? Trinity U is one option you can use on this road to Christ-likeness. Below, you’ll find a few opportunities to grow in your faith. I urge you to deepen your walk by engaging in one of these classes:

Crisis 101 (Red Sea Rules)ife is hard, difficulties are guaranteed, but a way through is available! Barbara and Roger McCormick share ten strategies for following God in the midst of trials. This video guided series by Robert Morgan is developed from the Israelites’ experience of crossing the Red Sea, and will be divided into two semesters. $5 book cost.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur
What does it mean to be a Christian businessperson? Does your business serve as an active part of God’s work in our world today? What does it mean to embrace your call to create, and fulfill God’s purpose, for your life and work? Join Wayne Uecker in discovering what God desires to unleash through our work. Be encouraged to flesh out the purpose of your entrepreneurial dreams. 8 weeks, no cost.
MasterLife – The Disciple’s Victory
Cynthia and Royce Itschner lead the third book of the MasterLife series. Learn to gain victory over the world, the flesh, and the enemy using God’s word and prayer. The first two books of the series are recommended prerequisites. 7 weeks, $15 workbook required.
Love Like You Mean It
How do the ten attributes of love found in 1 Corinthians 13 relate to marriage? Discover the biblical vision of marriage and how actions and decisions drive emotions, not vice versa. Lauren and Kaleb Kurz lead this video driven conversation by marriage and family expert Bob Lepine. 9 weeks, optional workbook.
Writing Your Spiritual Memoir
Your spiritual story is worth telling. Leave a legacy of your journey with God for family and friends by writing your Spiritual Memoir. Bill Gray will guide you through effective steps of planning and organizing, best writing practices, and free publication on Limited to 12 committed participants. 9 weeks, $15 material cost.
The Disciple’s Prayer Life – Walking in Fellowship with God
Do you desire intimacy with God and effectiveness in your prayer life? Survey biblical examples and apply biblical prayer principles in this powerful small group study. You will do more than talk about prayer!  The 13-week course led by JD Templeton will be divided between two semesters. $15 workbook required.


Please register today for any one of these discipleship opportunities by calling Gina at 830-895-0100. Room assignments will be made at a later date.



Flower Ministry

by Judy Southerland


“Oh, how beautiful!” “Are those for me?”  These are some of the comments we hear as we walk into a nursing home facility.
The flower ministry is a ministry very few people are aware of.  The ministry was started many years ago, we don’t know the exact date, by a few folks that began taking the large altar arrangement to the nursing homes. Due to the size of the  arrangement, the homes requested they have smaller vases. Residents thought someone had passed away, so they  wanted them to enjoy smaller arrangements.
The altar arrangements are given every Sunday by individuals who want to remember special occasions or a special holiday. We take this arrangement and give it a new look by arranging five to seven individual vases.
Jean Ward has been with the ministry since 2011. She is the person that keeps our records each week as to whom we will send the beautiful flowers. Our floral designer, Pam Case, does a beautiful job giving that special touch to the flowers. Helpers include Patricia Miller, Carrie Overby and Judy Southerland. We are the elves that create the colorful ribbons that go on the vases and deliver them. Each arrangement includes a message from the church that lets the recipient know they are never forgotten and that they are loved.
We invite you to come join us. You will be blessed with the fellowship of this ministry. We meet every Monday at 10:00am in room 121. We know this ministry has blessed many, many people that will  never come to our church but they tell others about us.
Please come and see what a  difference you can make in someone’s life.  “As I have loved you, so you must love one  another.”  John 13:34


WOW Bible Study Class

by Cleo Meadow
Greetings from the WOW Bible study class.  If any of you ladies would choose to be in a Bible class of women only, come join us in room 219 at 9:30 AM Sunday mornings.  Becky Doyal, our teacher, is teaching in word and deed how to care for and love one another.  We have just completed a study of “The Beatitudes” from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5.  The curriculum used by the WOW Bible class is from MASTERWORK, a quarterly LifeWay Publication.  Our next series will be a video Bible study by Priscilla Shirer on Gideon.
We have been saddened by the recent loss of two of our dear class members, Mae Beth Hooter in February, and Lynette Bailey in June.  We celebrate their Homegoing but will miss them  immensely.
We continuously hold each other up to the Lord in prayer.  Those who are currently homebound are Toni Carter, Jackie Clark, June Lewis, Helen Puccini, George Ann Schwethelm, Jean St. Clair, Gerry England and Judy Williams.  And Glenda Yarbrough is recovering at home from recent shoulder surgery. 
Our class gets together on occasion for fun and fellowship.  We had an enjoyable Spring Tea  Party at the home of Darlene Graham and have decided to make it an annual event.  We are planning to get together again soon for a summer social at Loraine Couch’s River House for food, fun and games.  And Christmas is always a merry event at the decked-out home of Kathy Nicholson.
I want to acknowledge the work and talents of two of our class members:  To Marci Newby, who faithfully works many hours a week in our church kitchen to feed the flock; and to Hope Schmidt, who makes and sends out the most beautiful and endearing cards every week to our sick and shut ins.
We will soon be saying good-bye to Tara Mitchell, who is moving to Louisiana.  She will be closer to family but very far away from TBC.  Praying for all to go well with the move.  We will miss you, Tara.

We welcome all women who are seeking a fellowship to study God’s Word and meet new friends.  If you are looking for a dynamic ladies’ Bible class, come join us.




Craft Show

Guess what time it is?  It is time to begin getting set up for our Annual Arts and Crafts Show/Car Show, September 8 & 9.  I am so excited to say, as of this writing, we have almost completely filled the FLC with crafters!
This year we will have registration in the Gathering Area and then you can head into the FLC to find that treasure you have been looking for!  The Car Show on Saturday will be a great time for the men who come to view that dream car they always wanted. 
What we accomplished last year was a blessing from God.  He is so faithful.  We have several vendors who participated last year returning this year. The number one reason they have responded is because of you!  They were “blown away” by the hospitality that our church showed not only to them but to the people of our community who came to the show. 
So, we will soon be offering you the opportunity to volunteer.  Please pray and ask God to show you what you can do to help.  Velma Wilson is in charge of the Hospitality Room and Volunteers (registration, food, walking around to offer assistance, etc.).  We will begin offering sign up around the middle of August. 
As always, thank you for your prayers and support.  This ministry was established as an outreach to Kerrville and the surrounding community to bring people into our church that they might find a church home. And, all the funds from the show are given to our Missions Program. 
To God be the Glory!

Lanie Ebelt & Judy Stevens,
Director & Co-Director