Bible Study Groups

Pilgrims of Faith – March 2024

by Marti Jones
The Pilgrims of Faith Class is a group of men and women who, as the name implies, are journeying through life relying on their faith.  We are a group who cares about the needs of others and pray for one another.
Our teacher, Truman Martin, diligently studies the lesson each week to lead us in meaningful discussion of our weekly lessons. Bitsy Martin, his right hand, begins our class by ringing her little bell for our class to come to order.  You see, we thoroughly enjoy visiting with each other before class and we have a tendency of being a little noisy.  She is responsible for announcements, updating us on those we have been praying for, additional prayer requests and leading us in prayer.
We also offer a class via Zoom for those who can’t attend in person. 
Our Spring lesson book is entitled “Servants for His Glory”, described as “Cultivating Christlikeness in a World of Performance.”
We have numerous meaningful activities.  The women visit the residents of River Point once a month for a sing along and devotional time.  After our visit with our sweet friends, our ladies enjoy lunch together at a local restaurant.
The men meet once a month for breakfast at their favorite spot, “Cracker Barrel” where they enjoy visiting together.
Collectively, we enjoy get-together parties from time to time.  Our next party will be April 15th.
Although we have a great comradery, our main concern is to grow spiritually and to look for ways we can share the love of Jesus.
Our most recent outreach project was helping a couple in Mexico (Victor and Carla Avila).  These seminary graduates have taken on the responsibility of ministering to the children at the Navolato Baptist Church.  We took up a collection to help with transportation, Christmas dinner and Christmas parties for the  children.  What a blessing to see  pictures of the children at church celebrating the birth of Jesus.

I could go on and on about our wonderful Bible study class, but the best would be for you to just come check us out.

Trinity Life – March 2024


Agape Fellowship Class – February 2024

by Susan Lesser
Welcome to the Agape Fellowship Class! We are co-ed, ages 60+, and meet in the new adult wing, Room 215, at 9:45 am. Our room has a water fountain outside.
We are looking for a permanent teacher … is that you? Our interim teacher is Wayne Comer, with John Sontag as backup.
We are studying from Connect360 curriculum. Our study this quarter is Kingdom Power, the Sermon on the Mount. Each lesson is grouped into a few verses which gives us plenty of opportunity to discuss and converse. We just finished our study in Galatians. At the present time, we’re using the latest technology sparingly. If you come looking for slick presentations, that’s not us. Open Bibles and study guides – that’s us; just folks.

We love guests and would love to have you come join us. Would you like to have that joy of being with fellow Christians in a small class? We look forward to fellowshipping with you!




The Bridge Bible Study Class

by Keith & Debbie Williams
Welcome to “The Bridge,” a new Bible Study class beginning January 7, 2023 at 9:45 am.
We will have an initial Meet & Greet on January 7 to have fellowship with anyone interested in joining us in this Bible Study journey and to share our purpose, mission, and content of the class and the lessons.
Obviously, our desire is to have in depth study of the Bible with life applications. Some series will be on books of the Bible and others will be topical in nature – applying Scripture to the issues of the day.
We plan to create a lively and positive atmosphere in our studies, which will hopefully strengthen our faith, our abilities to defend that which we believe, and better enable us, through fixing our eyes on Christ (Hebrews 12:2), to not conform to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds through Christ; so that we may learn from Him – God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will for our lives. Romans 12:2

Initial studies will include 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Revelation, The Pursuit of Holiness, Transforming Grace, and more.



Joyseekers Class

by Deborah Stern
Happy New Year 2024!  With the new year comes an opportunity for a fresh start and new resolutions.  If your resolutions include delving deeper into God’s Word, please consider checking out the Joyseekers Bible study class on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am.
Joyseekers is a group of warm and welcoming people, who have a desire to read God’s Word and dig deeper into the scripture passages by asking questions and engaging in an interactive  discussion.  We have three wonderful teachers, David Sprouse, Jack Hayslip and Wayne Uecker, who rotate teaching responsibilities.  The class utilizes the Explore the Bible study guide that is published by Lifeway.  The quarterly studies alternate between Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible.
The class just completed a study of Mark where we walked with Jesus and his disciples through Jesus’ ministry and the final days leading to his crucifixion and resurrection.  Starting in December and over the next three months, we will be studying the book of Genesis.  Discussions over Genesis chapters 1 and 2 have been very active and so this promises to be another wonderful study.
In addition to the study, each Sunday begins with a time of praise and prayer requests.  Kathleen Cook does a wonderful job of capturing these requests and publishing a weekly email so we can pray for our class members and others throughout the week.   

If you are looking for a Bible study class, we would love to have you join us any Sunday morning.  As a fairly new member myself, I can assure you the  welcome will be warm and no pressure applied.  Whether you choose to sit back and observe or jump into the discussion, either is welcome.



Crossroads Class – January 2024

by Lanie Ebelt
The Crossroads Class of Trinity Baptist Church is awesome.  We are a Bible learning class with great teachers.  We are a larger class, but have a very loving and giving spirit.  Most importantly, we truly believe in the power of prayer.  We have a prayer request line that is always open. 
Many members of our class leave following the lesson because we believe in the needs of our church and go and serve in other areas. 
Our main teacher is Gary Anderson and we do not use a lesson guide.  Gary teaches what the Lord has put on his heart.  When he is absent, he has a number of replacements who fill in.
As the director of the class, I want you to know you are welcome to come and check us out any time.  I believe you should try all of the classes and “plant” where you are fed.  We would love to have you come and give us a try.  Our class meets in the Family Life Center which is easy to find and access is great. 


Genesis Class

by Dale Moreau
The Genesis Class aims to help people progress in their ability to study the Bible and understand its meaning. The key to good Bible study is not following steps. It is learning to think carefully about what you’re reading. The Genesis Class helps you to develop thinking skills by asking insightful questions about the biblical text, learning to detect and avoid flawed ideas (your own and those of others), and being dissatisfied with explanations that aren’t comprehensive.
Learning to think well is much more powerful than memorizing a method. Careful thinking allows you to adapt to whatever Scripture presents you rather than asking the same repetitive questions of every passage.

Many things we read, especially in the Bible, are not as easy to parse as this headline. Many readers will have memorized Ephesians 2:8–9: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

But how many of us have bothered to ask the obvious question: What is the gift of God? Is it grace? Faith? Both? Something else? How would we know? Memorizing these verses is a good idea, but understanding what they mean is even better. The Genesis class will help you explore this passage and many more and find the biblical truths and meaning in the text.

You missed us concluding our study of the Book of Genesis. So, come join us in our new study, John’s Use of the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. It is unlike any other study you have heard. We are in room 217, upstairs near the elevator, in the new building.



Eagle’s Wings Home Group

by Chuck Coulter
Eagle’s Wings is the name of our home bible study group. We meet on Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for a meal, fellowship, and bible study. We’ve been on a summer break and “fire up” when school starts back. This summer break we’ve met every 3-4 weeks for fellowship, sharing what God has done and is doing in our lives and, as good Baptists’, a meal is always included!
This group of believers has taken to heart “the mission field” but not just in other counties but the Kerrville area mission field. In Matthew Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” Jesus is full of compassion. He became a friend of sinners and ate with tax collectors who were seen as traitors and thieves. He visited homes of people rejected by society.
We have taken The Mercy Gate Ministries Magdalene House under our Eagle’s Wings. It’s a halfway house for women involved in sex trafficking and drug abuse. God has given us hearts on fire to teach and show them that we care. We give a cooking class once a month at the group home and we get to eat what was prepared with the women. Most of the women have little experience with “normal” daily activities like cooking. Their director asked that we come as Christian husband and wife teams to show and teach them how Godly relationships should be. We donate toiletries, bedding, and other daily needs. Jesus is our   example of how we are to act starting in our communities. All of us in Eagles’ Wings have stepped out of our comfort zones and safe place here at Trinity by “hanging out” with the tax collectors and the people rejected by our society. We in our current group; Julie Anne Witte, Tim and Violet Mathias, Lew and Jane King, Jeff and Susan Stone, Missy Coulter and I are blessed serving this group in God’s Kingdom.

Eagles’ Wings uses various Bible book video series from Right Now Media for their weekly study.



WOW Bible Study Class

by Cleo Meadow
Greetings from the WOW Bible study class.  If any of you ladies would choose to be in a Bible class of women only, come join us in room 219 at 9:30 AM Sunday mornings.  Becky Doyal, our teacher, is teaching in word and deed how to care for and love one another.  We have just completed a study of “The Beatitudes” from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5.  The curriculum used by the WOW Bible class is from MASTERWORK, a quarterly LifeWay Publication.  Our next series will be a video Bible study by Priscilla Shirer on Gideon.
We have been saddened by the recent loss of two of our dear class members, Mae Beth Hooter in February, and Lynette Bailey in June.  We celebrate their Homegoing but will miss them  immensely.
We continuously hold each other up to the Lord in prayer.  Those who are currently homebound are Toni Carter, Jackie Clark, June Lewis, Helen Puccini, George Ann Schwethelm, Jean St. Clair, Gerry England and Judy Williams.  And Glenda Yarbrough is recovering at home from recent shoulder surgery. 
Our class gets together on occasion for fun and fellowship.  We had an enjoyable Spring Tea  Party at the home of Darlene Graham and have decided to make it an annual event.  We are planning to get together again soon for a summer social at Loraine Couch’s River House for food, fun and games.  And Christmas is always a merry event at the decked-out home of Kathy Nicholson.
I want to acknowledge the work and talents of two of our class members:  To Marci Newby, who faithfully works many hours a week in our church kitchen to feed the flock; and to Hope Schmidt, who makes and sends out the most beautiful and endearing cards every week to our sick and shut ins.
We will soon be saying good-bye to Tara Mitchell, who is moving to Louisiana.  She will be closer to family but very far away from TBC.  Praying for all to go well with the move.  We will miss you, Tara.

We welcome all women who are seeking a fellowship to study God’s Word and meet new friends.  If you are looking for a dynamic ladies’ Bible class, come join us.




Friendship Class

by Carol Westfall
The Friendship Bible Class is true to its name – friends studying God’s Word together. Each Sunday we further unpack the sermon from the week before, and since we attend different service times, it is interesting to hear the various message interpretations.
Our class is faithfully led by two teachers that alternate months. Frank Brooksher and Bob Davis lead a discussion-style class with questions and input from all class members in a very informal setting throughout the hour. They have each done a more in-depth study of the message during the week, which brings out so many more interesting and thought-provoking ideas.
Class members of all ages, varying backgrounds, and church experience keep it interesting!  Getting deeper into the past week’s sermon gives each of us a better understanding of the Word, and more importantly, how to apply it to our own lives.
We have a time of sharing and praying together led by Melinda Cox, our Class Director, at the close of each class. The praises and prayer concerns are shared by email during the week to each class member.
We have been very involved in the Adopt-A-Grad Program for the past three years.  It has been a blessing to send gifts, treats and notes of encouragement to these recent high school graduates during their first year of college.  So far, we have adopted a total of 5 students.
If you are looking for a friendly group of adults to learn with and apply the Word to your own life, please join us at 9:45 every Sunday morning in Room 221!


Come and See Class

by Jay Stimson
In the first chapter of John’s gospel, Philip told Nathanael he had found the Messiah. To Nathanael’s skeptical reply, Philip said, “Come and see.”
It is in that same spirit that we extend an invitation for you to come and seek Jesus with us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 in Room 212. We are a new, co-ed class that welcomes all ages, and especially those new to Kerrville or Trinity Baptist.
We use the Explore the Bible curriculum from Lifeway and look at scripture through its ancient cultural context to not only understand how scripture was applied when it was written, but how it applies in everyday life. The words spoken by Christ still resonate today to seekers and His followers who are hungry to learn more about Him.
Teacher Jay Stimson and his wife Kandi moved to Kerrville from Castle Rock, Colorado in 2021, where they had been involved in SBC church planting. After settling in Kerrville, they found themselves at home in the fellowship at Trinity Baptist Church with like-minded Christ followers.
Trinity Baptist has many wonderful teachers and Bible Study classes from which to choose. We encourage you to find a class where you can pray for one another, grow in your faith, enjoy fellowship with other believers, and find the Messiah through the study of God’s Word. If you are wondering if this class is right for you, “Come and See!”


Jubilee Class – May 2023

by Jerry Cobb
Bill Parr and Gene Ayers have led us through the Book of Job. From healthy and rich, to sick and poor. All he had left was a nagging wife and a sick body. Against the council of friends, enemies and family he refused to lose his faith in GOD. Could we withstand the trials he faced and not lose sight of our trust that God will take care of us?
We have a new teacher beginning with the April 2nd lesson.  Barbara Jordan began by informing us that she taught 10-year-old children for years and was sure she could handle us. Sounds a lot like Chris. We can’t wait.

Our class met after church on a Sunday in February for a Memorial Gathering to remember and acknowledge the loss of fourteen of our class members that have moved to ‘Higher Ground’ in the very recent past. A  poem written by Doug Lusk, a member of our class, is offered with his permission.


Someone is Waiting by Doug Lusk
There in the distance is someone I see.
He stands there so patiently, waiting for me.
I know who it is and I knew He would come;
I’ve counted on this when my journey was done.
He knows who I am and He knows I believe
That He’ll end all my pain and my
struggles relieve.
I know that his son cannot be far away;
He knew I’d come home and was waiting today.He’s prepared me a place where I’ll
stay from now on,And He will forgive all the things I’ve done wrong.
 What a comfort for me that I knew of this friendWho would be there to greet me when
I reached the end;
For the journey was long, though I loved
every mile,
And now I am ready to rest for a while.
Once again, I’ll see loved ones,
what stories we’ll share,
And dear friends I’ve missed will also be there.
I love each of you that I’m leaving behind,
And I want you to know that I’m doing just fine.
For there in the distance is someone I see;

It’s God and His Son and they’ll take care of me.


The Jubilee Class meets each Sunday at 9:45 in the Chapel.



Pilgrims of Faith

by Truman Martin
Perhaps the best place to start is with the name we have chosen for the class.  PILGRIM is a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.  In Hebrews 11:1 we are told FAITH is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  Our faith is built on nothing less than Jesus’ love and righteousness.  Righteousness is to be morally right with God. 

Our primary goal is to understand Scripture and apply the truth of God’s word to our daily lives. So, we study God’s word and seek to be obedient to it.  In addition to studying the word of God, we attempt to know each other personally.  We do this through social activities which include three parties held annually at the church or a class member’s home.  Men have breakfast once a month for fellowship -breaking bread together.  Ladies visit a local nursing home monthly where they sing and visit with the men and women residing there.  After they finish, they have lunch together. 

To assist us in having a better understanding of God’s word, we use Masterwork literature which changes quarterly and includes lessons written by Biblical scholars.  These scholars write about various principles that provide guidance on how to be obedient to God’s commandments and principles of living a Godly life. 

Our class consists of couples and   individuals ages 55 and above and is held each Sunday at 9:45 AM in Room 121. YOU are invited to join us as we attempt to understand better how to apply the principles of obedience to our daily lives.


Small Group Volunteers

Small groups thrive with volunteer leaders responsible for various activities from teaching the group, planning group activities/missions, keeping up with group members…
Once you have joined a small group and become a member of Trinity ask the group how you can serve in the group.