Men’s Bible Study

by Philip Meadow
Life is HARD!
Everything takes our time:  family (good and bad), everything that owns us.  And, as we get older, we have appointments (mostly doctors’ appointments!). Something is always taking our fleeting time. YET – on Thursday mornings at 10:00am there is peace and calm with learning and fellowship.  Come sit at the feet of Biblical masters, Bill and Dale as they lead us through GOD’s word.
Bill Parr was an ordinary, lost, heathen man, with Merchant Marine and Army experience until the LORD called him into the ministry. Once the LORD called, Bill went to seminary and became an ordained minister. Because of this background, Brother Bill can present GOD’s word so that an ordinary man can clearly understand it.  Dale Moreau has a background in the Hebrew text, helping us understand the how, what and why the scriptures were written.  Together, we cover the daily application and a deep understanding of GOD’s word.
The men’s Bible Study is open to all men.  We have men from other denominations, men that are engineers, men that own local businesses, men that work at local businesses, lawyers, teachers, salesmen, and a lot of men that are retired.  But, on Thursday mornings we are all ordinary men, learning about GOD’s word, sharing our prayer needs, our stories, our love of GOD’s word, and    always some great cookies and coffee!  GOD’s word says he wants you to join with other believers and grow in knowledge and wisdom so that when you share GOD’s word, you are more confident in your understanding of His word. 

So, men, I encourage you to try something easy, and worth the time. Come to the Men’s Bible Study Thursday mornings at 10:00 in The Forge (behind the TBC café), to enjoy the fellowship and be filled with cookies, coffee, and knowledge!