Flower Ministry

by Judy Southerland


“Oh, how beautiful!” “Are those for me?”  These are some of the comments we hear as we walk into a nursing home facility.
The flower ministry is a ministry very few people are aware of.  The ministry was started many years ago, we don’t know the exact date, by a few folks that began taking the large altar arrangement to the nursing homes. Due to the size of the  arrangement, the homes requested they have smaller vases. Residents thought someone had passed away, so they  wanted them to enjoy smaller arrangements.
The altar arrangements are given every Sunday by individuals who want to remember special occasions or a special holiday. We take this arrangement and give it a new look by arranging five to seven individual vases.
Jean Ward has been with the ministry since 2011. She is the person that keeps our records each week as to whom we will send the beautiful flowers. Our floral designer, Pam Case, does a beautiful job giving that special touch to the flowers. Helpers include Patricia Miller, Carrie Overby and Judy Southerland. We are the elves that create the colorful ribbons that go on the vases and deliver them. Each arrangement includes a message from the church that lets the recipient know they are never forgotten and that they are loved.
We invite you to come join us. You will be blessed with the fellowship of this ministry. We meet every Monday at 10:00am in room 121. We know this ministry has blessed many, many people that will  never come to our church but they tell others about us.
Please come and see what a  difference you can make in someone’s life.  “As I have loved you, so you must love one  another.”  John 13:34