Kerrville West Home Group

by Drew & Julia Whitehead
It has been called a few names.  Small group. Home group. Community group.  All of these describe what we strive to achieve when meeting on Tuesday evenings, coming together in the midst of a messy, busy week.  These evenings have turned into a time of respite and spiritual rejuvenation for many of us.
Families join to eat, pray, and let the kids play. Learning more about one another and God’s will for our lives, both individually and collectively. It has been almost 6 years of learning what this looks like for us. In these six years, friendships have been strengthened and a “missional community” has grown out of our love for what Tuesday nights have meant to us and our families.  Emphasis on “grown”. We have gathered disciples along the way, each new person and/or family bringing something unique and necessary to the group. 
While we celebrate the growth that has taken place, we have outgrown any home that we have ever met in.  After a few months of very cozy meetings squished together on couches, chairs brought in from every other room in the house – we have multiplied! This multiplication didn’t always feel easy or come without tears. Tears born from the unease of change and the joy of knowing that Christ is growing his Kingdom.  So, here we are, one large group that has now grown into two! Joyfully celebrating that these Tuesday evenings, we have all come to love so dearly, are now happening in two locations each week. This will provide us with more opportunities to gather and to bring in more disciples along the way.  Both groups currently meet on Tuesdays, three times a month. We’re in two separate homes now, but with the same mission in mind: to grow a missional community here in our church and city. Contact JD if you’d like to learn more or join us on this mission.