Women’s Bible Study – May 2023

by Chana Johnson
What a great year we are having in our Wednesday morning and Thursday evening Bible study classes! We continue growing in our numbers as we study God’s word together. Not only do we have our TBCK women in our study, but as we reach out beyond our church to our community, more and more ladies are coming to hear the message of the Gospel.
WBS has been studying the book of Acts, from the Joy of Living Bible Studies. Debbie Williams, our teaching leader, blesses us each week as she expounds on the message God has for us in each chapter of Acts. Debbie’s teaching videos are available on the TBCK website and You Tube channel.
Upcoming News:
  • WBS will use Debbie Williams’ study of 2 Peter for the 4 weeks of July; Wednesday mornings at 10 AM and Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM.
  • In the fall, our ladies will study John, from the Joy of Living Bible Studies. Debbie Williams has committed to be our teaching leader through April, 2024.
  • The first part of John will be September 13 – November 21. We will finish the study of John in the spring of 2024, January 17 – March 27.
  • We are planning a 4-week study in April 2024 using one of Debbie Williams’ studies: Jude or selected Psalms.
  • Ask any lady in our WBS weekly study, and you will hear “we are blessed!”.