Mission Trip to Alto Frio

by Anna Henson

Over Spring Break, I got to go on our Spring Break Mission Alto Frio trip. It was a lot of fun and we did a lot of work for the Lord. The first day my group got to paint one of the Gaga ball courts. I also got to paint a part of the cafeteria with my group. On the last day, we had completed all of the tasks but one. 

Since we had more people than we had groups, we moved around the camp looking for odd jobs. I searched for a hose and got to help mix concrete. I was able to connect with some of the younger girls and I know that many new relationships were formed. I was so thankful to work with such a great group of people. 

On the first day, our group managed to get through almost all of the tasks we had been assigned for the day and looked forward to the next day. Although we woke up early and were all tired, we got to work and worked enthusiastically. 

All three days our group enjoyed getting to come  together and worship through music and the words of one of the leaders from the other group. I personally felt so inspired that, when we had a time around the campfire to share testimonies, I had the courage to share a little of my own story. This opportunity was one I am so grateful for and am excited to go back again at the next opportunity.

A note from Wes Henson:  In March, we had a great mission trip to Alto Frio and could not have accomplished all we did without the help of the adults who partnered with us through the Men’s Ministry. I asked Anna Henson to share some of her thoughts and experiences from our time together.