Music Notes – February 2023

by Carrie Overby
Did you know that 99.9% of all humanity have the same DNA? All that makes us is .01% different from each other. Wow!! Our unique character is such a tiny portion of our being.  All that to say…we are more alike than we realize!! God created each of us, that are Christ followers, to serve with Him to build lives and save souls! So how many of you are building lives and saving souls?
As I reflect on our church and people, I see many serving Jesus faithfully in so many areas: The Next Steps Room, Children’s Ministry, Youth   Ministry, Adult Ministry, Worship Ministry, Women’s and Men’s Bible Study, and the list goes on…
This year the Worship Ministry will continue to lead and serve with wonderful volunteers until we have new leadership in place. Most of you know that we have performed “The Victor” for over 10 years running.  Doing The Victor without Larry is daunting! But we are confident that God will   supply the singers, actors, and crew to pull this off once again! Victor Choir rehearsals started January 27th, but there is still plenty of time to jump in!
Suzanne is leading the drama again and she is already going full speed, but we need your help!
When faced with a daunting task, we must ask ourselves these questions.  Does this build lives? Will this save someone’s soul? I think we can all agree; Yes! Lives are touched and souls can be saved! Now ask yourself, ‘How can I help?’ In what way did God gift me to be a part of this?
Are you a singer? Actor? Can you help set up? Care for kids? Pray? Apply makeup? Greet? Help Judy in the kitchen? Help with tech/media? There is something for everyone to do.  God has gifted you to work in His Kingdom here on earth.  Will you serve Him? 
Please volunteer to Stephanie Clarke in the Church Office and get the details. 830-895-0100.
God never returns our offerings void!