Eagle’s Wings Lifegroup

by Juliann Witte
Eagle’s Wings home group meets on Monday evenings for spiritual accountability, fellowship, friendship, and study the divinely inspired word of God, utilizing Right Now Media resources.
Topics/Bible books are chosen by group consensus. Should an individual(s) be laden with a difficult obstacle in their life journey – time is taken to discuss that issue, regardless of course schedule, until it is satisfactorily addressed. The study format utilizes video with study sheets, scripture, and lively discussion. Discussions are respectful, engaging, informative, at times festive, and biblically sound.
Our experiences and journeys are at various stages. However, the sharing of our journeys and life experiences makes this group caring and supportive of one another with a sincere pursuit to emulate the life and work of Jesus Christ.
We seek to fulfill our group and individual spiritual journey in the works and word of our Lord Jesus Christ by being considerate and compassionate to those in need of assistance and encouragement within Trinity Baptist, Kerrville, and other local communities that need a helping hand; whether it be a kind note, prayer, or boots on the ground.