Dominican Republic Trip

Joe, Jennifer, Jaden, and Jordan Rief; Becky Doyal; April, Jaycee, and Kenleigh Conner; JD Templeton; and Wes, Mica, Anna, and Charis Henson traveled June 18-25 to the Dominican Republic. We experienced God’s great work through a number of projects. Here are excerpts from a few of their stories.
Anna – God taught me about using simple tasks to glorify Him. We served ice cream to the youth and played basketball and volleyball, all of which God was working through even with the language barrier. God also helped me to discover new ways in which I can be a better leader now.
Becky – We visited the Santiago Orphanage, a wonderful place which cares for 140 abused and neglected children – teens to infants – who were legally removed from their parents. My heart hurts for those children, but I praise God that they are in a good place now. I plan, Lord willing, to go again next year.
April – This is my second mission trip to go on and I will say that I always get more out of it than I give. There were things to do at many different skill levels from sewing, making and sanding bunk beds, and construction. One of the construction leaders said, “God has given us a left and a right hand, and it’s up to you what you do with it.”
Charis – God showed me how he can take care of the orphans who have been mistreated by their family or who do not have a family. Some of the kids were scared to accept Christ because they thought they might get bullied. So, we encouraged them to accept Him because God will help them through it.
Jaycee – Before I went on this trip I was scared and not quite sure how I would help contribute. Now though, I feel like God has shown me that if I am willing I can be used for his work. This trip taught me a lot about myself and showed me that there are sisters and brothers in Christ everywhere. I encourage everyone, who is willing, to go on the next trip. The experience will give you far more than you ever imagined.
Mica – God taught me during my time in the Dominican Republic that no job was too small. There were times that I was not part of a large project, but I found ways to be helpful. Organizing donations, sweeping construction debris, and cleaning the dining area. All of it was essential in helping with the work God was doing.
Kenleigh – The way the people prayed so selfless convicted me that what I pray for doesn’t really matter. For example, they prayed for other people to know Christ and that they would have a good education. This trip not only brought me closer to people in the Dominican, but people from our church. I was originally nervous about going because it was a different, unknown place. But by the end, I didn’t want to leave.