Stitchers For Jesus

by Cheryll Overla
The stitchers have been busy this spring.  In addition to our usual garments of clothing turned in (dresses and shorts sets), we now have a new
 division to the group – the knitters and crocheters.  These ladies have been busy creating beautiful afghans for babies and children.  It is exciting to see all the wonderful items come in each month and to know that children around the world will receive them.  We also have a couple of ladies knitting and crocheting newborn hats that will go to a baby hospital in Guatemala.  What an opportunity the Lord has brought our way to use something we love to do to serve Him!
As I am writing this, a delivery is on its way to Corpus Christi via Larry and Carol Westfall. They make several trips a year to deliver supplies, etc. to the STCH storage room.  Missionaries, mission groups, etc. can choose things from this storage room to take wherever they go.  The stitchers packed up and sent 100 dresses, 20 shorts sets (both boys and girls), 15 walker tote bags and 20 baby afghans.  We will also have items ready to send to the Dominican with the mission group from church.  
Another exciting thing happened for our group recently as the Worship Kids on Wednesday night made fleece blankets and donated them. The group was happy to participate and they prayed over each blanket before the class was over. It was a great opportunity for the kids to experience being servants and the joy of giving of their time and talents. The children who helped are Bradley, Alexandria, Olivia, Aidan, Charis, Hannah, Arwen, Cami, Levi, Joseph, and Ben. A great time was had by all, even the adults!! 
Do you sew, knit or crochet?  We have just the group for you at Trinity.