The Jubilee Class

From Noah Webster Dictionary, 1828:

To shout for joy; a season of great public joy and festivity~~

Jubilee Bible Class~~Oh, my! What a praying class! And what fun we have! We are a mixed class, meaning men and women, couples, singles, all ages welcome!

The ladies (Juliets) meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month for a breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and the men (Romeos) meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Cracker Barrel, for comradery, friendship strengthening, and uplifting prayer.

And, on the 4th Friday of each month, the ladies meet again to play Mexican Train, when we laugh, pray, and eat snacks!

More good fellowship and friendship time is shared on 5th Sundays, usually with a covered dish in the Family Life Center after preaching on that Sunday at noon.

The most important aspect of our class is our Bible teachers. We have 3 excellent teachers: Bill Parr, Gene Ayers, and Chris Christopherson, all of them wonderful men of God who rotate teaching for one month each. The Bible always has something new for each of us in every season of our lives, and each of these teachers brings the Word alive again and again.

Again, we are a praying class: this cannot be overstated nor stressed too much. The prayers of our members sustain us and see us through the many situations that life always has for us to deal with. You can feel the love among our members when you walk in the door!

ONWARD & UPWARD, with the JOY of the LORD!