GRACE’s Week of Prayer – Day 7

January 11 – 17 is the Week of Prayer to End Human Trafficking. Join with Trinity and people of faith around Texas in a daily prayer.
Pray for discernment on the actions you can personally take to address human trafficking.
Suggested Prayer:
Dear Lord, forgive me for the false lords in my life that clamor for my time and money. Help me to make the most of each day as I value those around me and see them all as loved by you. Make me sensitive to the cost of my action and inaction upon others. Point me to trustworthy, credible ministries that I can support and assist.
In the name of Jesus Christ, who saw my need for Grace, and paid the price I pray. Amen.
Read Matthew 6:19-21 (Our eternal treasure is worth the investment of our time and money)
*Information in this post has come from resources found at the website of the Office of the Texas State Governor.