GRACE’s Week of Prayer – Day 6

January 11 – 17 is the Week of Prayer to End Human Trafficking. Join with Trinity and people of faith around Texas in a daily prayer.
Pray for an end to demand and societal factors that lead to exploitation.
  • Sex trafficking would simply not be profitable without demand. Sex buyers drive the market for the illegal sex trade. From May 2019 – June 2020, CEASE Texas identified over 1 million unique online advertisements for commercial sex across 6 Texas cities. We should consider the roles of technology, pornography, sexually oriented businesses, and a hypersexualized culture in facilitating an environment that normalizes exploitation and facilitates demand.
  • Labor trafficking is also impacted by demand. The demand for cheap goods and cheap labor can result in worker exploitation and slavery in supply chains. In 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor identified 155 goods from 77 countries produced by child or forced labor.
Suggested Prayer:
Dear God, your love and grace is immeasurable. We have broken your beautiful intention for intimacy and made it flawed and evil lust. Help those who speak prophetically about the danger of silence regarding pornography and its easy accessibility. Pour out your light in the darkness of an industry that promises a lie and exploits human beings for profit of any kind. Cease our lust for bargain products and base pleasure. Open the eyes of our leaders and our land who lead us away from a care for others and the fair value of labor.
Under the redemptive love of your Son, who paid the price of salvation, I pray. Amen.
Read Jonah 3 (A leader hears God’s word and leads repentant change)
*Information in this post has come from resources found at the website of the Office of the Texas State Governor.