GRACE’s Week of Prayer – Day 4

Pray for survivors to find healing.
  • Victims of trafficking are often hiding in plain sight – held prisoner by fear, shame, and the trauma bonds that their traffickers create to manipulate and control them. Victimization may go unnoticed for years, and many victims do not even realize they are victims; they believe what their exploiters tell them – that they are willing participants in the abuse.
  • Trafficking survivors often experience complex trauma and a loss of self-identity as well as serious financial and healthcare issues. These difficulties create barriers to securing safe and stable housing as well as educational and career advances. Complex trauma takes a lifetime of healing.
  • It is also critical that our strategies to address human trafficking are informed by survivors. Their perspective is irreplaceable, and their resilience is an inspiration.
Suggested Prayer:
Creator. Sustainer. Redeemer. You alone can perform the miracle of restoring what “locusts have eaten.” Please use your Holy Spirit to speak peace and hope to the ones victimized by Human Trafficking. Share Grace to their hearts as they hear from caregivers that they are not to blame for the victimization and silence with powerful wrath those who would imagine or speak otherwise. Remind me how you have restored much in me and are able to do more than I could ever imagine in the lives of those who are trafficked.
In the name of Jesus Christ who has reached all the way to us, I pray. Amen.
Read Luke 6:6-10 (Jesus restores those others ignore)
*Information in this post has come from resources found at the website of the Office of the Texas State Governor.