Promise Keepers 2020

Trinity Baptist Church Joins Men from Across the Nation and Around the World for the Promise Keepers 2020 Global Digital Experience.
July 31st from 6-9 PM
August 1st from 9 AM – Noon
This worldwide livestream will connect men gathering in their homes, with their men’s groups, and at simulcast locations hosted by churches, prisons, military installations and colleges.
The Global Digital Experience is a two-day event that will feature everything that men have come to know and expect from a Promise Keepers event. It will be an authentic, Christ-centered experience with powerful keynote speakers, worship artists and special guests — all selected to offer a timely message of hope, unity, and transformation directly to the heart of men. The Promise Keepers Global Digital Experience is a conference designed from the ground up to empower men to be refreshed, inspired and reignited in their passion for God! It is being offered completely free of charge.

Speakers for the 2020 Promise Keepers Global Digital Experience include:

  • Tony Evans · John Gray · Mark Batterson · Bob Goff
  • Steve Arterburn · James Robison · Miles McPherson · Joseph Garlington
  • David Barton · Steve Berger · David J. Harris · Jonathan Evans
  • The Benham Brothers · Greg Stier · Jimmy Evans · And many others


Worship leaders for the 2020 Promise Keepers Global Digital Experience include:

  • Michael W. Smith · Danny Gokey · Phil Wickham · Evan Wickham


In addition, there will be a special panel discussion on race, justice, reconciliation and Promise #6 of a Promise Keeper which will include:

  • Sam Rodriguez, Moderator · T.D. Jakes · A.R. Bernard
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