The D6 Challenge

D6 Challenge is an expansion of Pastor Pals to include the entire family. D6 Challenge is a Scripture memory program based off of Deuteronomy 6. As disciples of Christ, we want our preschoolers, children, youth and adults to know God and His word. D6 encourages families to put the word of God into their hearts and minds.

Each verse said is worth 10 points. Your family may say any verses from the Bible as long as you know the book, chapter and verse number. Verses may not be repeated for points. Included in this packet are some suggested verses if you don’t know where to start as well as the points needed for your age group. After each semester we will tally the points to see if your family has completed their points for the Mr. Gatti’s prize package. If an individual or individuals complete their points they will receive a medal even if the family does not receive all of their points. If you have additional verses, you will not lose the points, they will just roll over to the next semester.
  • For an incentive you may each say Deuteronomy 6:4-9 which should be 60 points but will allow 80 points if the entire passage is said at one time.
  • Parents/Grandparents may split their points if you would like. Both Parents/Grandparents count as 1 person in obtaining points. We will include you as 2 on the Mr. Gatti’s prize.
  • This semester, the points will be due on August 2nd and the prizes will be awarded at the Family Game Night on August 9th.