Life at Trinity is given order through three words: Worship, Connect, and Serve. God has gifted each of us differently and equipped us with different passions and preferences. With the choices at Trinity we ask that you seek to Worship with the church, Connect with a small group, and Serve in a way God has gifted you once a week. To help make that simpler we place the things we do under the word that best fits that group or activity. Start by choosing one thing from each area.

Kerrville’s ’23 & ’24 Eclipse Events

These will be historic events in Kerrville. Two major eclipse events within 177 days of each other. Because of Kerrville’s proximity to I-10 we are expecting our area to be a gathering place for anyone East and West interested in experiencing either event. Since our area is in the crossing paths of the two events anyone interested in that novelty will be attracted to the Kerrville area.
We know that these events will put stress on local resources like we have never seen, nor will we ever see again. Estimates start at 50,000 extra people in October and 150,000 extra people in April added to our area. Kerrville’s population in 2023 is 24,292 according to
  • Be prepared with at least 5 days’ worth of food, fuel, medicine, etc. at least two days before the events.  Anything you would normally just go get as needed may be unavailable or unreachable for the day or two of the events.
  • Plan to not travel much or at all while roads are crowded. (Trinity will have a normal schedule Sun., October 15th, but will have ONE Service Sun., April 7th.)  Gather with family and friends with the idea they are going to stay until crowds thin out.
  • Don’t look directly at the sun. Use eclipse approved glasses or an indirect method of viewing the eclipse. 
  • Be wise, but prepared to model the friendly nature of Kerrville to Eclipse travelers if called upon. Be excellent toward each other.


For the Journey – October 2023

We believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Holy Spirit and He’s given us new life. We believe in the crucifixion, we believe that He conquered death, we believe in the resurrection, and He’s coming back again, we believe. These are the words to the chorus of the song, We Believe, by Matthew Hopper, Richie Fike, and Travis Ryan. Those words have been a part of our singing vocabulary for many years and hopefully a part of our spoken vocabulary as well.
What we believe is important because it not only describes who we are but what we do. It is important that we pass along our truth statements to our families. Our children will be more likely to make them their truth statements when they see our words and actions working together.
I am excited about our “We Believe” series. It is both affirming and encouraging to know we are moving in the same directions as a faith family. It has been a blessing to see students and adults coming to follow Jesus in biblical  believers baptism. We are still scheduling others. God has been faithful to bring fruit when we are faithful to tell His story.
At Midweek this month, we will be encoring our marriages through a time we have entitled, “Loving on Marriages.” On October 18th, 25th and November 1st and 8th, we will be gathering to celebrate God’s gift of marriage and consider next steps of faithfulness and blessing. I am a firm believer that as goes marriages, so goes the families; as goes the family, so goes the community; as goes the communities, so goes the country.
I want to thank Mike Mullens for helping to put together our most recent time of praying during the Jewish festivals for the Jewish people to come to recognize Jesus as Messiah. May we continue to pray for Israel, the Jewish people and the world as often as they come to mind. It has been an added blessing to pray for the Jewish people during the days of their fall festival days. I know for a fact that those who attended Midweek were blessed as we studied and learned together.
Great things are happening at Trinity Baptist Church! My prayer is that we continue to think outside the box and minister outside the walls of the church. Our city needs to hear about Jesus and the relationship that He provides. The foundation of everything we do that matters hinges upon declaring Jesus is LORD. Let’s continue to join our voices and our paths as we declare God’s good news to those around us.
In Christ,

Pastor John


Prime Time Singers – October 2023

by Doug Lusk
The Prime Time Singers is a family of people who love the Lord and who love to sing, and they are delighted to spread His word by doing something they enjoy so much. 
Interim Choir Director Becky Doyle did a superb job last season in directing and helping the choir learn the songs they performed for people who might not otherwise have the chance to hear music live and in person.
This season the Singers will be directed by Charlie Barganier, Trinity’s new Minister of Worship. Lew King will continue as pianist/arranger. A number of his works are included in the group’s repertoire. Rehearsals are held at 10 am on Tuesdays and last about an hour and a half.
The first Sing Outs of the new season are tentatively scheduled for River Hill on September 26 and at Hilltop October 17. Participation in the 2023 Everlasting Choir Celebration is being considered and will be decided in October.

Prime Time Singers was pleased to welcome several new members recently and always has another chair available for more. They will gladly welcome you to join them in joyously singing about God’s love and grace.



Trinity Student Ministry Circles – October 2023

by Melissa Morris
In Trinity’s Student Ministry, Circles are vibrant small groups whose goal is to help students feel seen, heard, and known; make Biblical connections; and equip and challenge students to live out their faith. We could not do it without our Circle Leaders! These are remarkable individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of the middle and high school students in our church.
Circle Leaders are compassionate mentors. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow spiritually, emotionally, and  socially. These leaders are also inspirational role models. Their faith and values serve as an example for the youth, encouraging them to ask questions and strengthen their relationship with God. Their ability to connect Biblical teachings with real-life experiences makes faith relevant and relatable to teens. Circle Leaders are also excellent listeners. They offer a space for teenagers to share their concerns, doubts, and joys. This active listening fosters trust and open communication, allowing students to navigate the challenges of adolescence with support and guidance.
Circle Leaders also help with a wide range of   activities, such as Youth Camp, Glo Games, and Retreats. They are quick to say, “Yes!” when a need arises and give their time to help our students grow closer to God, foster connections, and build solid foundations.
Our Circle Leaders are exceptional individuals who are inspiring, guiding, and equipping a generation of young disciples to continue to grow in their faith. Their selfless dedication and un-wavering faith is creating a lasting impact by helping students know God and become compassionate, responsible, and spiritually grounded  individuals.



Night in Bethlehem This Christmas

by Robert Wheat


“Angels We Have Heard On High,” AND we have seen them roaming around TBC property with shepherds, Wise Men, Inn Keepers, and more!  December is not so far away that you can’t hear the echo of these treasured moments coming to life.  I literally mean – COMING TO LIFE!  The Hill Country near Bethlehem is not so different from our very own, and that’s what makes our back parking lot center stage for the birthday celebration of Christ.  We have very talented members here who bring out their best staging skills, backdrops, construction talent alongside their portrayal of the various characters who announce the Coming Christ.  When night begins to fall, our crew begins to call… “O Come, O Come Emmanuel!”
As vehicles begin to line up down the street, our parking lot staff navigate those inside to tune in, and listen to the story unfold before their very eyes.  Each vehicle turns off their lights, turns on their radios, and tunes into the most amazing story played out before their very eyes as they drive through. 

This is an incredible time to use your gifts like the Wise Men, and come, set-up, act-up, and build-up the community around us with the story of Christ’s Birth.  Each night seems to bring more folks out to share in this celebration, and each year seems to brighten up our hearts in sacrificing the talents we possess for the Birthday of the King!  A “Night In Bethlehem” is just the beginning for some to experience Christ, but it is the “Joy to the World” for those who give their talent and time to share.  On your mark, get set… “OH COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL!”



Marriage Ministry – October 2023

by Lauren Kurz
Hello from Marriage Ministry! We are excited to have kicked off our fall “Love Like You Mean It” Class. We would like to invite you to come join us on Sunday nights to dig deeper with your spouse to develop a relationship built on what the bible defines love to be! Bob Lepine helps us dive into how God describes and displays true love; the love your soul craves, and the love God has designed for your marriage. Our first challenge was to find one small way to show your spouse patience this week. Join us as we work together as couples to serve the Lord with our marriages.
The marriage ministry is excited to be taking a group to San Antonio for the “Weekend to Remember”! This event will take place on November 17-19 at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. You can register on the Family Life Weekend to Remember website. You can choose to stay at the resort, local hotel or  commute back to Kerrville. This weekend is packed with phenomenal speakers and various materials to help grow your marriage! We love how this weekend is made for every walk of marriage; whether you are engaged, newlywed, growing through different stages with children, blending families, empty nesters reconnecting with your spouse or seasoned marriages looking at what it means to leave a legacy with your family – there is something for every stage. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kaleb and Lauren Kurz.

We look forward to finishing the “Love Like You Mean It” class in the spring session of Trinity U. Keep an eye out for upcoming information on the 2024 Marriage retreat! 


Men’s Ministry – October 2023

by Mark Clemons
Jeff Stone has been very busy helping bring awareness and information about the upcoming solar eclipses to the citizens of Kerrville and the surrounding area.  That includes about 20 briefings, ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour, for groups including HOAs, civic and professional organizations, as well as other groups. There are also more planned between now and the April 8, 2024 total eclipse. If you missed his presentations at Trinity, take him out for a cup of coffee to discover more on this natural wonder from God!
David Clarke organized the Car Show at TBC on September 9th. Around 20 cars came and went throughout the morning. Those who attended enjoyed themselves. 
Jerry Gale and others have helped build 6 ramps in conjunction with the Texas Ramp  Project in the Kerrville area over the past few months.
Men’s Bible study has continued with Bill Parr being the primary teacher and Rick Boles as the coordinator.
Mark Clemons attended the Men’s & RA Retreat at Camp Menard on September 1st and 2nd. He was able to offer Tomahawk throwing and prepare cobblers for the 180 plus that attended.
Many men were able to participate in the children’s camp at Alto Frio in July, helping with Bible Studies, dutch oven cooking, fishing and other activities. Thank you, Kellee Parish, for letting us join you in touching the lives of the children.
Plans for 2024 are being prayed about and we would love for more men to be involved. Please consider joining others as we seek the  Father’s will in regard to the Men’s Ministry at TBC.



Roots Class – October 2023

by Jessi Kearns
At 11:00am on Sunday Mornings you can find a lively group of Trinity members & regular attenders joining together for Roots in Room 219. Roots is a Sunday School class open to adults, in all walks of life, dedicated to studying scripture in a thoughtful, in depth, way that will enhance your understanding of scripture as a whole. Studies are led by Clark Elliston and most often work through a book of the Bible from start to finish. Having just completed a  summer study of the book of Judges, the class is now diving into the wondrous work of Revelation. Clark’s approach to teaching Revelation will focus on major themes in the text and their importance for us today.
If you are longing for a place to have open discussion, ask questions in a safe & judgement–free environment, and experience scripture in a new way, Roots might just be the next right step for you. In addition to studying scripture, time is dedicated each week to sharing & praying for the needs of the class. Stop on by this Sunday and join a community of   believers devoted to meeting together for teaching, fellowship and prayer.



A Way of Life…For All of Life

“Discipleship isn’t a program or an event; it’s a way of life. It’s not for a limited time, but for our whole life. Discipleship isn’t for beginners alone; it’s for all believers for every day of their life.   Discipleship isn’t just one of the things the church does; it is what the church does.” (emphasis mine)- Bill Hull, author of The Complete Book of Discipleship.
Bill is a speaker and former pastor whose ministry focus is discipleship and church leadership. For him, the biblical view of discipleship is “a way of life…for all of life!” That doesn’t mean discipleship happens by osmosis. It is intentional and has some level of structure.

Young and old, male and female, single or married – all believers are on a discipleship journey. What is the next step for you? Trinity U is one option you can use on this road to Christ-likeness. Below, you’ll find a few opportunities to grow in your faith. I urge you to deepen your walk by engaging in one of these classes:

Crisis 101 (Red Sea Rules)ife is hard, difficulties are guaranteed, but a way through is available! Barbara and Roger McCormick share ten strategies for following God in the midst of trials. This video guided series by Robert Morgan is developed from the Israelites’ experience of crossing the Red Sea, and will be divided into two semesters. $5 book cost.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur
What does it mean to be a Christian businessperson? Does your business serve as an active part of God’s work in our world today? What does it mean to embrace your call to create, and fulfill God’s purpose, for your life and work? Join Wayne Uecker in discovering what God desires to unleash through our work. Be encouraged to flesh out the purpose of your entrepreneurial dreams. 8 weeks, no cost.
MasterLife – The Disciple’s Victory
Cynthia and Royce Itschner lead the third book of the MasterLife series. Learn to gain victory over the world, the flesh, and the enemy using God’s word and prayer. The first two books of the series are recommended prerequisites. 7 weeks, $15 workbook required.
Love Like You Mean It
How do the ten attributes of love found in 1 Corinthians 13 relate to marriage? Discover the biblical vision of marriage and how actions and decisions drive emotions, not vice versa. Lauren and Kaleb Kurz lead this video driven conversation by marriage and family expert Bob Lepine. 9 weeks, optional workbook.
Writing Your Spiritual Memoir
Your spiritual story is worth telling. Leave a legacy of your journey with God for family and friends by writing your Spiritual Memoir. Bill Gray will guide you through effective steps of planning and organizing, best writing practices, and free publication on Limited to 12 committed participants. 9 weeks, $15 material cost.
The Disciple’s Prayer Life – Walking in Fellowship with God
Do you desire intimacy with God and effectiveness in your prayer life? Survey biblical examples and apply biblical prayer principles in this powerful small group study. You will do more than talk about prayer!  The 13-week course led by JD Templeton will be divided between two semesters. $15 workbook required.


Please register today for any one of these discipleship opportunities by calling Gina at 830-895-0100. Room assignments will be made at a later date.



What is First Blessing?

by Rae Peschel
What is First Blessing?  In 2015, Pastor John, Glenn Lackey, and Kellee Parish brought First Blessing to our church.  I had no idea what it was, other than giving new shoes to children. 
The Saturday for First Blessing finally arrived. I walked into the Family Life Center and there was  excitement in the air.  The committee chairmen had their committees ready to their assigned jobs. Tables were set and servers were ready. The kitchen was a busy place with the food preparation. The Chapel was full of boxes of shoes. 
Before the doors were opened to the families that were invited, Pastor John had us stand in a large prayer circle around the Family Life Center. That circle included every age from children to senior adults.  I looked around at all the people who had woke up early on a Saturday morning ready to share the love of Jesus. 
First Blessing is so much more than a new pair of shoes and breakfast.  First Blessing is sharing the plan of salvation with people who might have  never stepped into our church otherwise.
Last year we gave out over 300 pairs of shoes.  We had over 150 people  volunteering to make this possible.  First Blessing is a chance to do missions right here in our church for the Kerrville area children!


Youth Ministry – September 2023

The start of school always brings a renewed sense of energy and excitement, as well as its fair share of grumblings from students who enjoyed summer.
As we look ahead at the Fall, I would like to take a moment to share some of the wins we’ve seen over the past month. 
We took 63 kids and 16 adults to camp and have enjoyed the excitement that follows camp. The connections we were able to make continue to grow as we look at what it means to continue to “respond” to God.
The new 6th graders joined us in August and have brought an excitement and energy, and it’s been a joy watching our older kids connect with them along the way. One thing I love seeing is when a high school student reaches out to a middle schooler to help them find where they belong. I think this is a beautiful picture of the church at large, as well.
We were excited to baptize Jackson, Wesley and Hudson and on the same day we had our Student Worship Team lead worship. 
Looking ahead, we are praying for God to continue to work in and through us as we kickoff Circles on September 6 and September 10. Through Circles we hope to build new relationships and build on existing relationships to help us grow in our relationship with God.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the adults who have volunteered to step up to serve with Students. We could not do what we do without the support of adults who love God and like students at least a little. It’s going to be a great year!


Eagle’s Wings Home Group

by Chuck Coulter
Eagle’s Wings is the name of our home bible study group. We meet on Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for a meal, fellowship, and bible study. We’ve been on a summer break and “fire up” when school starts back. This summer break we’ve met every 3-4 weeks for fellowship, sharing what God has done and is doing in our lives and, as good Baptists’, a meal is always included!
This group of believers has taken to heart “the mission field” but not just in other counties but the Kerrville area mission field. In Matthew Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” Jesus is full of compassion. He became a friend of sinners and ate with tax collectors who were seen as traitors and thieves. He visited homes of people rejected by society.
We have taken The Mercy Gate Ministries Magdalene House under our Eagle’s Wings. It’s a halfway house for women involved in sex trafficking and drug abuse. God has given us hearts on fire to teach and show them that we care. We give a cooking class once a month at the group home and we get to eat what was prepared with the women. Most of the women have little experience with “normal” daily activities like cooking. Their director asked that we come as Christian husband and wife teams to show and teach them how Godly relationships should be. We donate toiletries, bedding, and other daily needs. Jesus is our   example of how we are to act starting in our communities. All of us in Eagles’ Wings have stepped out of our comfort zones and safe place here at Trinity by “hanging out” with the tax collectors and the people rejected by our society. We in our current group; Julie Anne Witte, Tim and Violet Mathias, Lew and Jane King, Jeff and Susan Stone, Missy Coulter and I are blessed serving this group in God’s Kingdom.

Eagles’ Wings uses various Bible book video series from Right Now Media for their weekly study.