Student Ministry – December 2023

December may be one of my favorite seasons around TSM. For the Christmas season we intentionally shift gears, aiming to help build connections.
Our Circles have gone great so far this semester, but during December they take a break and we get to gather everyone together for a few weeks.
This year we have our 3rd Annual Christma-lympics on Wednesday, December 13, and it’s going to be even better than the first two! Plus, it will be our first Christmas Party in the Refinery
!I’m excited to announce we have scheduled a Disciple Now for February 9-11, 2024. For those who may not know, Disciple Now is a local weekend retreat. I’m excited for the opportunity to include members of the church in the weekend through hosting, feeding, and praying. If you’re an adult and interested in serving, let me know.
To help kick-off Disciple Now registration, we are having a Special Edition of TSM Live on Wednesday, December 6. On this night, we will have a very special guest, and you will not want to miss out!

Finally, I cannot give enough thanks to all of our wonderful adults who have jumped in to help lead a Circle, to sub, to invest in students in the Forge, to bring donuts, to go to camp, to serve, to love, to laugh and to give. We couldn’t do what we do without all of you!



Fall Retreat

by Anna Henson
My name is Anna and I am a junior at Tivy High School. I am looking forward to our Fall Retreat this year. 
Last year I had the opportunity to build relationships with some of the students in the youth group, older and younger. When I attended as a sophomore, I was in a room with four middle school girls with whom I spent a lot of time and I am so grateful to have those connections today. 
One of those connections happened during our meals where we would all sit at a table, talk, and eat some amazing food. We had so much fun participating in so many activities such as s’mores around the campfire, sliding down a wooden coaster, and making our way through an underground bunker. Of course, we also had time for devotionals and we had the opportunity to grow in our relationship with God, as well as the Christ-Centered youth and adults around us. 
I can point back on Fall Retreat as a time of spiritual growth as a leader and as a Christ follower. This year I am looking forward to connecting with more of the newer members of our youth group through fellowship, fun and good food.  And, I also hope to build on the connections I have with those who are  already in our youth group. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me at Fall Retreat this year!


Trinity Life – November 2023


Trinity Student Ministry Circles – October 2023

by Melissa Morris
In Trinity’s Student Ministry, Circles are vibrant small groups whose goal is to help students feel seen, heard, and known; make Biblical connections; and equip and challenge students to live out their faith. We could not do it without our Circle Leaders! These are remarkable individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of the middle and high school students in our church.
Circle Leaders are compassionate mentors. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow spiritually, emotionally, and  socially. These leaders are also inspirational role models. Their faith and values serve as an example for the youth, encouraging them to ask questions and strengthen their relationship with God. Their ability to connect Biblical teachings with real-life experiences makes faith relevant and relatable to teens. Circle Leaders are also excellent listeners. They offer a space for teenagers to share their concerns, doubts, and joys. This active listening fosters trust and open communication, allowing students to navigate the challenges of adolescence with support and guidance.
Circle Leaders also help with a wide range of   activities, such as Youth Camp, Glo Games, and Retreats. They are quick to say, “Yes!” when a need arises and give their time to help our students grow closer to God, foster connections, and build solid foundations.
Our Circle Leaders are exceptional individuals who are inspiring, guiding, and equipping a generation of young disciples to continue to grow in their faith. Their selfless dedication and un-wavering faith is creating a lasting impact by helping students know God and become compassionate, responsible, and spiritually grounded  individuals.



Youth Ministry – September 2023

The start of school always brings a renewed sense of energy and excitement, as well as its fair share of grumblings from students who enjoyed summer.
As we look ahead at the Fall, I would like to take a moment to share some of the wins we’ve seen over the past month. 
We took 63 kids and 16 adults to camp and have enjoyed the excitement that follows camp. The connections we were able to make continue to grow as we look at what it means to continue to “respond” to God.
The new 6th graders joined us in August and have brought an excitement and energy, and it’s been a joy watching our older kids connect with them along the way. One thing I love seeing is when a high school student reaches out to a middle schooler to help them find where they belong. I think this is a beautiful picture of the church at large, as well.
We were excited to baptize Jackson, Wesley and Hudson and on the same day we had our Student Worship Team lead worship. 
Looking ahead, we are praying for God to continue to work in and through us as we kickoff Circles on September 6 and September 10. Through Circles we hope to build new relationships and build on existing relationships to help us grow in our relationship with God.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the adults who have volunteered to step up to serve with Students. We could not do what we do without the support of adults who love God and like students at least a little. It’s going to be a great year!


Youth Ministry – August 2023

July was an incredible month! We were able to take a total of 79 people to camp. Our word for the week was “respond”, and our group did a great job responding to how God was leading them. Thank you to everyone who got a prayer card and prayed for a camper. I truly believe we could not have had the week we had without our Trinity family praying for us.Next, I would like to take a moment to brag on the adult sponsors we took with us.
Our female sponsors were: Sharron Hawk, Mica Henson, Marilyn Johnson, Melissa Morris, Shelby Peschel, Abbey Elliston, Lauren Tripp, Cailin Powell and Ryia Neuman. Our male sponsors were: Rick Boles, Clark Elliston, Riley Gordon, James Tripp, Caleb Boone and JD Templeton. These fifteen adults went above and beyond all week in so many ways. They were such a blessing as they endured the heat, poured into our students, and continually pointed our group to Christ. If you see one of these incredible adults around, please be sure to say thank you.
Finally, as we look at the beginning of school and Incoming 6th Grade Promotion, if you are interested in serving in the Student Ministry, please let me know. We have needs in a variety of areas, and some areas we don’t even know yet! I would love to sit down with you and have a conversation about what role you might could play in the Student Ministry of Trinity Baptist Church.



Student Ministry – May 2023

Who is someone who has invested in your spiritual life? I can’t help but think about Bro. Lance who asked me if I would be willing to meet with him each week when I was in high school. During those weekly meetings, he taught me about spiritual disciplines, about discipleship, about prayer, about mentoring, and so much more. 
I also think about my dad, and the work we got to do together. Looking back, I’m grateful for the countless hours I spent working alongside him. Things I dreaded and resented in the moment have now shaped me into who I am. And the lessons I learned from him cannot be counted on paper.
I also think about my prayer grandmother. Every Sunday we would find each other and she would hug me and say, “Wes, I love you and I’m praying for you.” And I knew she was. She was an encouragement to me through some of my hardest parts of high school. And long after I graduated, when we would cross paths, she would repeat the same refrain, because it was still true.
What’s the constant in each of those relationships? Time. Each one of those influential adults invested time into me, some intentionally and one partially because I was cheap labor. But time made the difference. And time continues to make the difference.
As we enter the month of May, I want to give a shout out to our Youth Workers who have invested time in students this school year. Your efforts may not always produce the result you want or expect, but know that your time is not wasted.
And if you’re reading this and aren’t a youth worker (yet!), let’s talk. Maybe you can step into a role where you hug a neck and let a kid know you’re praying for them.


Mission Trip to Alto Frio

by Anna Henson

Over Spring Break, I got to go on our Spring Break Mission Alto Frio trip. It was a lot of fun and we did a lot of work for the Lord. The first day my group got to paint one of the Gaga ball courts. I also got to paint a part of the cafeteria with my group. On the last day, we had completed all of the tasks but one. 

Since we had more people than we had groups, we moved around the camp looking for odd jobs. I searched for a hose and got to help mix concrete. I was able to connect with some of the younger girls and I know that many new relationships were formed. I was so thankful to work with such a great group of people. 

On the first day, our group managed to get through almost all of the tasks we had been assigned for the day and looked forward to the next day. Although we woke up early and were all tired, we got to work and worked enthusiastically. 

All three days our group enjoyed getting to come  together and worship through music and the words of one of the leaders from the other group. I personally felt so inspired that, when we had a time around the campfire to share testimonies, I had the courage to share a little of my own story. This opportunity was one I am so grateful for and am excited to go back again at the next opportunity.

A note from Wes Henson:  In March, we had a great mission trip to Alto Frio and could not have accomplished all we did without the help of the adults who partnered with us through the Men’s Ministry. I asked Anna Henson to share some of her thoughts and experiences from our time together.



Youth Ministry – March 2023

by Jordan Marcum
Clink… Clink… Clink… You can hear the echoing sound of hammers shaping and molding, reverberating off of the hallowed walls.  Stifling heat climbs upward and washes over you as you descend the rustic staircase. You reach the precipice, look right and know that this is where faith, lives, and will are being shaped and tested for impurities.  As the doors open and the smiling faces emerge you hear, “Welcome to The Refinery!”
If you haven’t heard the new exciting name to our youth space, now you have.  Why have we given it the moniker of The Refinery?  I am so glad you asked.  The leaders in TSM believe that we work with parents to help our students grow in relationship with Christ.  We as leaders will never have as much time with students as a parent does, but we will take the little time we do have with students and help refine them in the image of God.  
Continuing that imagery, our new large meeting space is known as The Forge.  Psalm 127 talks about how children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior.  If you want to turn metal into a weapon, first you must apply purifying, strength testing fire. Once it is moldable and ready for a new life, it is forged into a new Godly creation.  We know students will go out from TSM and face trials and uncertainty daily but we want them to be equipped and formed to fly straight and true, and cut to the marrow with a heart for God.


Student Ministry – February 2023

February means three things for TSM: Family Lunch, Spring Break signup, and Camp VIP!
On Sunday, February 12 we will have a TSM Family Lunch. This is open for students in 6th – 12th grade and their parents. At this lunch and meeting, we will cover information about Spring Break, Camp signups, and share an encouraging word or two with our parents as they seek to help their teenagers grow in their relationships with God.
Our Spring Break “Reset” will be at Alto Frio on March 13-15. You can signup online at This year will include work projects, rec time, and a worship service each evening.
Finally, summer will be here before we are ready, which means it’s time for our Youth Camp VIP signups. We will open signups on Monday, February 6 and anyone who signs up between February 6 and March 1 will receive VIP perks at camp. Go to to sign up, or click through the TSM app [Apple/Android].