For the Journey – March 2024

God is so good! I am so blessed to be a member of a transformational and missional church. I am encouraged often by the words and actions of Trinity Baptist Church. It is hard to believe that two months of 2024 have already passed. As we lean into March, we are approaching the season of celebrating the Resurrection of our LORD Jesus. 
The Victor is in full swing and so are our  preparations to be ready when folks come to experience it with us this year. As a part of our preparation, we have added Victor Prayer Circles. We have encouraged our Bible study classes to gather and pray for those who need to respond to the message of salvation and hope through Jesus. We also have several homes who are inviting church member neighbors to come and pray also. We will cover many days and especially the days of our Victor offerings in prayer and anticipation.  
Also, in preparation, we are providing evangelism training at Midweek prior to the Victor. By the time you read this, there will be two more Midweek opportunities on March 6th and 13th at 6:00 p.m. We also have our Midweek meal at 5:00 p.m. for the best price in town of $5. Come and take advantage of being prepared to share the gospel in many different situations.  
We are in a new sermon series, “Who is this Man?”  We will be looking at the miracles of Jesus between now and Resurrection Sunday with the greatest miracle of all on that special day.

Good things are taking place and it is encouraging to hear about them when we get together. Thank you, Trinity, for being willing and faithful to our journey forward, remembering all God has done in our past and confident God has more to come.  

In Christ,

Pastor John




Grief Share – March 2024

by Doug Lusk
A new cycle of GriefShare, so ably facilitated by Pattie Davis and a number of co-facilitators, began in January after being delayed by severe weather and will consist of 13 weekly sessions.  This program is a support group to help and encourage persons after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend.
These sessions aim to help each participant, collectively and individually, learn to deal with their grief and loss; a place where they may move forward in their journey from mourning to joy. Guided by the facilitators, each meeting features a video, group discussion, and the use of a personal workbook. The videos, approximately 35 minutes in length, feature comments and suggestions by experts who help deal with loss, personal stories of people who are grieving, and enactments by some about how they have confronted their own  situation.
The group discussions, which are completely confidential, offer participants the opportunity to share something they noted, to ask questions they may have, or to learn how something shown in the video or expressed by others might apply to one’s own life. It can prove to be a vital source in finding the help and comfort they seek.
The workbook has questions, suggestions, and Bible verses which can help an individual in learning how to cope with their loss. For instance, an item from the workbook might cause them to approach their loss more directly.
We are in the third session of our new cycle and gather each Monday morning at 10 AM for the next 10 weeks to complete the 13-week schedule. The GriefShare program has become a regular feature of the ministries supported by Trinity Baptist Church. Class participants consist of members and non-members of  Trinity and class size naturally varies from cycle to cycle depending on circumstances. Some members are so appreciative of their progress that they join in a second cycle. Two cycles per year are available at Trinity Baptist Church.

Many people find that grief is a surprisingly complex subject and that their needs and solutions may be quite different from those of fellow participants. But somewhere in the 13 sessions, it seems often to happen that by hearing what others share about their stories, a listener might find an approach that they can use. A group of folks on a similar journey, giving and receiving ideas and support…that’s what GriefShare is.


Trinity Life – March 2024


Pilgrims of Faith – March 2024

by Marti Jones
The Pilgrims of Faith Class is a group of men and women who, as the name implies, are journeying through life relying on their faith.  We are a group who cares about the needs of others and pray for one another.
Our teacher, Truman Martin, diligently studies the lesson each week to lead us in meaningful discussion of our weekly lessons. Bitsy Martin, his right hand, begins our class by ringing her little bell for our class to come to order.  You see, we thoroughly enjoy visiting with each other before class and we have a tendency of being a little noisy.  She is responsible for announcements, updating us on those we have been praying for, additional prayer requests and leading us in prayer.
We also offer a class via Zoom for those who can’t attend in person. 
Our Spring lesson book is entitled “Servants for His Glory”, described as “Cultivating Christlikeness in a World of Performance.”
We have numerous meaningful activities.  The women visit the residents of River Point once a month for a sing along and devotional time.  After our visit with our sweet friends, our ladies enjoy lunch together at a local restaurant.
The men meet once a month for breakfast at their favorite spot, “Cracker Barrel” where they enjoy visiting together.
Collectively, we enjoy get-together parties from time to time.  Our next party will be April 15th.
Although we have a great comradery, our main concern is to grow spiritually and to look for ways we can share the love of Jesus.
Our most recent outreach project was helping a couple in Mexico (Victor and Carla Avila).  These seminary graduates have taken on the responsibility of ministering to the children at the Navolato Baptist Church.  We took up a collection to help with transportation, Christmas dinner and Christmas parties for the  children.  What a blessing to see  pictures of the children at church celebrating the birth of Jesus.

I could go on and on about our wonderful Bible study class, but the best would be for you to just come check us out.

Trinity Life – March 2024


Disciple Now

by Becky Watkins
What do you get when you have 47 teens, 35 adults, 10+ vehicles,  a 20 foot sub sandwich, countless snacks, dozens upon dozens of cookies, 3 days and 2 nights, and Bible Studies & Worship? AN AWESOME DISCIPLE NOW!   
It was a blessing to be a part of Disciple Now 2024 here at TBC. What an absolute honor and privilege to serve alongside our TBC family for the good of our youth. The bonding, relationship building, and forming of new friendships, among both the youth and adults, will be life changing and we will reap the benefits from our time together. The teamwork it took to make D-Now successful, seemed at times, overwhelming, but our church family stepped up and SHOWED OUT!

Thank you to each and every one of you that prayed, baked cookies, bought snacks, drove a vehicle full of students, and many other responsibilities that were taken on by our servant leaders.


Trinity Life – March 2024


Walk Thru Easter 2024

by Melissa Marcum
My family moved to Kerrville in the Fall of 2015 when our youngest, Arwen, was only 6 weeks old.  We spent months visiting churches and praying about where God wanted us to plug in. We knew wherever that was would be where Cami and Arwen would grow up physically and spiritually. 
On March 28, 2016, we took the girls to something called “Walk Thru Easter” here at Trinity Baptist Church.  Cami and Arwen waved palm branches, tasted bitter herbs, but their favorite thing was rolling the stone away to reveal an empty grave!  We joined Trinity shortly after that Easter and have been so blessed by the people in Children’s ministry that have walked alongside us to teach, show, and be Jesus to our girls.  

I encourage you to bring your children, both little and big, to Walk Thru Easter with us.  Let the hope of Easter come alive for you and your children as we celebrate the Hope of  Easter in the Power of Christ’s resurrection!  

Trinity Life – March 2024


Agape Fellowship Class – February 2024

by Susan Lesser
Welcome to the Agape Fellowship Class! We are co-ed, ages 60+, and meet in the new adult wing, Room 215, at 9:45 am. Our room has a water fountain outside.
We are looking for a permanent teacher … is that you? Our interim teacher is Wayne Comer, with John Sontag as backup.
We are studying from Connect360 curriculum. Our study this quarter is Kingdom Power, the Sermon on the Mount. Each lesson is grouped into a few verses which gives us plenty of opportunity to discuss and converse. We just finished our study in Galatians. At the present time, we’re using the latest technology sparingly. If you come looking for slick presentations, that’s not us. Open Bibles and study guides – that’s us; just folks.

We love guests and would love to have you come join us. Would you like to have that joy of being with fellow Christians in a small class? We look forward to fellowshipping with you!




Genesis 1 – February 2024

by Janice Francis
Genesis 1 is a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church. It is open to people of all ages who like to hike and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.
Our goal is to have fun, fellowship, and exercise by visiting one of Texas’ state parks each month (except June, July, and August because of the heat). We try to choose trails that are easy to moderate walking, avoiding steep grades. The trails usually are 2 to 4 miles round trip and we make sure to stop and look at unusual plants and rocks. We bring a sack lunch when the park has a nice picnic area. When they do not, we stop at a local restaurant for a Dutch treat lunch.
In 2023 we visited South Llano State Park. It has nice hiking trails with bird blinds to watch from. Enchanted Rock State Park has very pretty rock formations. At Inks Lake State Park, we walked through fields of bluebonnets. We hiked Schreiner’s Park and in May went to Longhorn Caverns State Park and had a two-hour private tour of the caverns. It was beautiful!
In 2024 we are planning to repeat some of our favorite hikes. They include Enchanted Rock, South Llano, and Inks Lake State Parks. If you like beauty and fields of flowers, these are must do hikes! We are also planning a trip to Guadalupe State Park which has some very nice hiking trails.

We usually have a group from 9 to 25 and have a great time of fellowship and enjoying God’s great creation. If you are interested, please join us on one of our hikes. Call the church office to sign up.





The word standing by itself doesn’t seem very exciting. It may sound overwhelming to some. What does it even mean? “-ship” means the state or condition of something; so, the state or situation of being a disciple. In New Testament times, it implied a teacher/learner relationship. For Jesus and His disciples, it represented doing life together with formation of a spiritual relationship. Pastor and author Bill Hull describes discipleship as “a way of life for all of life”.
When we look at Jesus’ life, discipleship happened in many places. The synagogue where He read from Isaiah, the temple where He overturned merchant tables and commented on a  widow giving her meager offering, homes and public venues in which He healed broken lives.
Where and when will discipleship happen in your life? For your family, it ought to include the patterns outlined in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (the Message) “Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night.”

Trinity U is just one way to weave the fabric of discipleship into your life. Our upcoming Sunday night Bible reading series will equip you personally as a parent or grandparent.  MasterLife and The Disciple’s Prayer Life are two proven disciple-making formats for adults. These opportunities don’t have to be limited to Sunday evenings. You won’t regret the time and energy invested in discipleship for yourself or others!




How to Pray for Disciple Now

by Lauren Tripp
On February 9-11, TSM is hosting our first Disciple Now weekend for this group of students. The agenda for the local weekend retreat includes large group worship, small group Bible studies, service projects and lots of fun with peers in host homes across Kerrville and the   surrounding area. The weekend’s goal is to help students grow in their relationship with God and with each other, learning to see God clearly and to live authentically.
Leading up to Disciple Now, please be in prayer for the preparations taking place to help facilitate spiritual growth in a fun and safe environment. Over the weekend, please take time to stop and pray for our students, Bible study leaders, host families and the team working behind the scenes. Here is how to pray for Disciple Now:

Our Students

  • Open hearts and open ears to hear God’s message
  • Engagement within the group the students are placed in for the weekend
  • Learn to see God clearly, getting rid of the things that distort their view of who God

    truly is

  • Ephesians 1:18 – “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that
    you may know the hope to which he has called you…”

Leaders and Volunteers

  • Willingness to be used as instruments for God’s purpose
  • Engagement in interactions with student groups 
  • Energy and adaptability
  • Clear communication, patience and empathy

Thank you to the planning team and the many volunteers offering their homes, vehicles, time and talents to help lead our students closer to the understanding that “God Loves You and  Desires a Relationship with You” (GLY&DARWY).