Pilgrims of Faith

by Truman Martin
Perhaps the best place to start is with the name we have chosen for the class.  PILGRIM is a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.  In Hebrews 11:1 we are told FAITH is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  Our faith is built on nothing less than Jesus’ love and righteousness.  Righteousness is to be morally right with God. 

Our primary goal is to understand Scripture and apply the truth of God’s word to our daily lives. So, we study God’s word and seek to be obedient to it.  In addition to studying the word of God, we attempt to know each other personally.  We do this through social activities which include three parties held annually at the church or a class member’s home.  Men have breakfast once a month for fellowship -breaking bread together.  Ladies visit a local nursing home monthly where they sing and visit with the men and women residing there.  After they finish, they have lunch together. 

To assist us in having a better understanding of God’s word, we use Masterwork literature which changes quarterly and includes lessons written by Biblical scholars.  These scholars write about various principles that provide guidance on how to be obedient to God’s commandments and principles of living a Godly life. 

Our class consists of couples and   individuals ages 55 and above and is held each Sunday at 9:45 AM in Room 121. YOU are invited to join us as we attempt to understand better how to apply the principles of obedience to our daily lives.


Kerrville West Home Group

by Drew & Julia Whitehead
It has been called a few names.  Small group. Home group. Community group.  All of these describe what we strive to achieve when meeting on Tuesday evenings, coming together in the midst of a messy, busy week.  These evenings have turned into a time of respite and spiritual rejuvenation for many of us.
Families join to eat, pray, and let the kids play. Learning more about one another and God’s will for our lives, both individually and collectively. It has been almost 6 years of learning what this looks like for us. In these six years, friendships have been strengthened and a “missional community” has grown out of our love for what Tuesday nights have meant to us and our families.  Emphasis on “grown”. We have gathered disciples along the way, each new person and/or family bringing something unique and necessary to the group. 
While we celebrate the growth that has taken place, we have outgrown any home that we have ever met in.  After a few months of very cozy meetings squished together on couches, chairs brought in from every other room in the house – we have multiplied! This multiplication didn’t always feel easy or come without tears. Tears born from the unease of change and the joy of knowing that Christ is growing his Kingdom.  So, here we are, one large group that has now grown into two! Joyfully celebrating that these Tuesday evenings, we have all come to love so dearly, are now happening in two locations each week. This will provide us with more opportunities to gather and to bring in more disciples along the way.  Both groups currently meet on Tuesdays, three times a month. We’re in two separate homes now, but with the same mission in mind: to grow a missional community here in our church and city. Contact JD if you’d like to learn more or join us on this mission.


Agape Fellowship Class

by Susan Lesser
The Agape Fellowship Class is a coed Bible study class, with an age range from early 60’s to mid-90’s. We’re small in number but rich in knowledge of the Bible and living and growing in Jesus Christ. We’re looking for a teacher… is that you? We’ve been studying the Bible, word by word, but are open to suggestions. We meet at 9:45 in Room 215 in our wonderful new building. Our classroom has the water fountains attached!
Currently, we’re rotating teaching   duties among us. It brings a variety of talents and subjects to the class. Please consider visiting our class; we’d love to see you Sunday morning!




Genesis 1 – February 2023

by Don & Janice Francis

Before Covid gripped our country, Trinity had an active group called Genesis 1 Fellowship. It was open to all ages and consisted of hiking in Texas state parks, fellowship and sometimes playing games. When the group was large enough, they would split into groups according to hiking ability so that there would be some taking the challenging trail, some taking the moderate trail and perhaps some choosing to stay behind and play games in the picnic area.
Last fall Genesis 1 regrouped. On October 10 some of us traveled by church bus to Garner State Park.  We did a 3-mile hike on an easy trail. On the way back to Kerrville we ate at a Mexican restaurant in Leakey. It was a fun day of fellowship, exercise, beautiful scenery and good food.
In November, we loaded up the church bus for a trip to Lost Maples State Park. We were a few days late for the beautiful fall leaves, but there was still much beauty in God’s creation. This 3-mile hike was an easy to moderate trail. We stopped for lunch in Medina at the Apple Store before traveling back to Kerrville. It was another great day of fellowship.
We would like to plan 6 or 8 hiking trips in 2023. We’re hoping that our group will be large enough that we can split into 2 groups as before. We are working on plans for a February hike, a wild flower drive/hike in March or April and one more before the weather gets too hot.
Our group is open to anyone who likes to hike or just enjoy the outdoors and Christian fellowship.  Before making a hiking trip, please be sure that you are able to walk hills and rocky trails. You may want to bring a walking stick and a daypack with water and snacks. When convenient, we will stop at a restaurant for a late lunch. Occasionally, we may bring our own brown bag picnic. If you are not able to hike, you can bring dominoes or card games to play, enjoy fellowship with others or just enjoy the great outdoors.

 TrinityLife – February 2023



Grief Share – February 2023

by Doug Lusk
The next cycle of GriefShare, primarily facilitated by Pattie Davis and Jane King, will begin Monday January 23, and consists of 13 weekly sessions ending April 17. This program is a support group to help and encourage persons after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend.
These sessions aim to help each participant, collectively and individually, learn to deal with grief and loss; a place where they may move forward in their journey from mourning to joy.
Guided by the facilitators, of whom I am one (glad to have learned of the program and very glad to have enrolled), each meeting features a video seminar, a group discussion, and the use of a personal workbook.
The videos feature comments and suggestions by experts who help deal with loss, personal stories of people who are grieving, and         enactments by some about how they have confronted their own situation.
The group discussions, which are completely confidential, offer participants the opportunity to share something they noted, to ask questions, or to learn how something shown in the video or expressed by others might apply to one’s own life. It can prove to be a vital source in finding the help and comfort they seek.
The workbook has questions, suggestions, and Bible verses that can help an individual in learning how to cope with their loss. For instance, an item from the workbook might cause them to approach their loss in creative and helpful ways, complementing other important activities. Journaling or simply taking notes can help them work through a particular problem. The referenced scriptures are vital.
Many people find, as I did, that grief is a surprisingly complex subject and that the needs and solutions may be quite different from those of fellow participants. But somewhere in the 13 sessions, it seems often to happen that by hearing what others share about their stories, a listener might find an approach that they can use.
A group of folks on a similar journey, giving and receiving ideas and support.  That’s what GriefShare is.


Adult Ministry – January 2023

Can you be a disciple and not grow spiritually? Not according to Jesus. “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” (John 15:8)
What are you doing to position yourself for spiritual growth? Please don’t let this question push you toward guilt. Jesus is not asking you to climb Mount Everest in a single day! Understand that spiritual growth is usually a gentle climb, it is a process.
Trinity U is one avenue we have at Trinity to grow as disciples. This semester we have two sessions of the Disciple’s Personality. If you have studied the Disciple’s Cross, this is a great follow-up. Mark & Dianne Clemons and Royce & Cynthia Itschner lead these two groups.
A Skeptic’s FAQs, led by Bob Davis, will help you grow in confidence when confronted by hard questions. This will be a conversation, as you learn how to respectfully engage questions such as “What reasons do we have to believe the resurrection occurred?” “ and “Is it possible to be a moral person without believing in God?” 1/29-3/19
The Ministry Gift and Passion Inventory will equip you to fulfill the charge we have in 1 Peter 4:10 – “Each of you as a good manager must use the gift that God has given you to serve others.” Discovering your spiritual gift(s) is not simply a matter of taking a test. It is not rocket science, but neither is it a casual endeavor. It takes intentional thought and action. In this session you will explore how God has gifted you, and how you can plug into Kingdom service. 3/26. See you Sunday nights at 5 pm!


Stitchers For Jesus

by Cheryll Overla
The stitchers have been busy this spring.  In addition to our usual garments of clothing turned in (dresses and shorts sets), we now have a new
 division to the group – the knitters and crocheters.  These ladies have been busy creating beautiful afghans for babies and children.  It is exciting to see all the wonderful items come in each month and to know that children around the world will receive them.  We also have a couple of ladies knitting and crocheting newborn hats that will go to a baby hospital in Guatemala.  What an opportunity the Lord has brought our way to use something we love to do to serve Him!
As I am writing this, a delivery is on its way to Corpus Christi via Larry and Carol Westfall. They make several trips a year to deliver supplies, etc. to the STCH storage room.  Missionaries, mission groups, etc. can choose things from this storage room to take wherever they go.  The stitchers packed up and sent 100 dresses, 20 shorts sets (both boys and girls), 15 walker tote bags and 20 baby afghans.  We will also have items ready to send to the Dominican with the mission group from church.  
Another exciting thing happened for our group recently as the Worship Kids on Wednesday night made fleece blankets and donated them. The group was happy to participate and they prayed over each blanket before the class was over. It was a great opportunity for the kids to experience being servants and the joy of giving of their time and talents. The children who helped are Bradley, Alexandria, Olivia, Aidan, Charis, Hannah, Arwen, Cami, Levi, Joseph, and Ben. A great time was had by all, even the adults!! 
Do you sew, knit or crochet?  We have just the group for you at Trinity.


The Friendship Class

by Linda Warden
The Friendship Bible class at Trinity Baptist Church meets in room 221 at 9:45 Sunday mornings and is made up of adults of all ages with diverse backgrounds. Currently, the class is led in a discussion of the sermon from the previous Sunday morning service.  The teaching leaders are Frank Brooksher and Bob Davis on a rotating basis.  Each leader facilitates the discussion in a manner that includes all class members, whether they were in the previous week’s service or not.
Some members have been a part of this class for many years and others have joined very recently. Our class discussions include input from folks who have broad knowledge of scripture and others whose knowledge is at a different stage.  This blend of people is evidence that all are welcome in this class no matter the person’s background.  The emphasis for participation is that all desire to grow in understanding of the scripture.  Sharing of life experiences by class members during discussion opportunities provides helpful examples of how God has been and is at work in our community and world.  The class warmly welcomes all visitors who are interested in studying God’s word with fellow believers and seekers. 
The Friendship Class also encourages weekly prayer support for class members.  Prayer requests are shared before the class ends each week and those prayer needs are emailed to each class member for continued prayer throughout the week. Many class members are involved in other areas of life at Trinity such as the choir, mission trips, teaching, greeters, church member care, childcare and/or weekly Bible Studies, plus other avenues.
We are not large in number, but we welcome growth.  We meet at 9:45 AM each Sunday morning in room 221 which is on the right just before the walkway above and around the Family Life Center.   The fellowship we share during the class time is a source of friendship, encouragement and spiritual growth for each member.  Come to visit and join our friendly group


Women’s Bible Study

by Shelby Peschel

I recently had my teenage son help me with some heavy boxes in our attic. Our quest was hunt down a Bible Study workbook that I had studied over a decade ago. Turns out, we had multiple boxes to search through, with over forty workbooks total much to his dismay and my delight.

As I rummaged through the different titles, I recalled many of the deep spiritual truths learned with each study.  There was the one on The Covenant where I learned foundational truths of God’s constant loving-kindness.  The one on Daniel where I learned that God is with me in the fire.  The one on Psalms 23 where I learned that no matter the valley, my Shepherd will guide me.  Reminder after reminder of lessons learned from dedicated time in study of God’s Word.

But perhaps more so than lessons learned, I recalled faces. Faces of the women, of all ages and all walks of life, who not only studied together but encouraged & uplifted one another. There was the one study where I was new to town and honestly just wanted to meet other Christian women. The one where I was an exhausted new mom and those smiling church nursery workers during Bible Study once a week were my saving grace. The one where we prayed fervently for healing for a class member’s mother. The one where we rejoiced together, the one where we cried together, the one where we laughed together…

As I looked over twenty years’ worth of studies, never once did I regret the time spent studying God’s Word and growing with other ladies.  Women’s Bible Study (WBS) is time well spent.  Simply put, it is life-giving. WBS meets Wednesday mornings and Thursday nights.  We are currently studying Jonah with plans for a summer study on 1 Peter and then Acts in the fall.  More information can be found online at www.tbck.org/adult-groups. There is a place for you, and you are invited.  This could be the one where…

“Lord, Your word is forever; Your faithfulness is for all
generations; I will never forget Your precepts, for You have
given me life through them.” Psalms 119: 89-93