9:45 Classes for Babies & Preschoolers



Room 150
Teacher(s): Mary Nell Canter, Paula Locke, and Jodie Hooten



Room 156
Teacher(s): Donna Hinton, Shana Neuman, Beth Ann Brown, Melissa Morris, Kathy Patterson, and Hope Schmidt


2 Year Olds

Room 160
Teacher(s): Rae Peschel, Lisa Cook, and Sandy Sparkman


3 Year Olds

Room 167
Teacher(s): Ingrid Kincaid, Krystle Ramsay, Kellye Skaines, Annette Kurz, and Linda Riley


Pre-K & Kindergarteners

Room 163
Teacher(s): Deanna Caraway, Marsena & Bob Alley, Vanessa Lalonde, Louise Barlemann



Children’s Ministry Volunteer

Trinity members volunteering with children includes everything from Extended Session with babies to camp sponsor with preteens. Filling out a volunteer application is required. The application includes giving permission for a background check.