Trinity’s March 3, 2021 COVID Update


Where Are We and What Are We Doing with COVID?


In the State of Texas churches have been considered essential through this pandemic season. We are grateful to have been able to openly minister and share the Gospel during this time. Trinity has chosen during this time to proceed with intentionality to protect members and guests who come on campus and connect with those who have felt it best to worship distanced.   

With the news coming from Governor Abbott about releasing and opening up businesses and ending the mask mandate this Sunday restrictions in the center section of the Worship Center will be removed. On the sides and in the balcony every other pew will remain reserved for distancing. The following Sunday, March 14th, restrictions will be removed in the balcony also.

If the Lord allows and our community continues to move forward coming out of this pandemic state by Easter Sunday we will remove all seating restrictions from the buildings.

Our desire is to do this together as a faith family. Within this family there will be feelings of celebration and feelings of anxiety. We have worn this well for the past 12 months and hope to continue to do so as we reach for the other side.

Trinity continues to stream services and Bible study groups continue to study together creatively. Neither of those things will change and will be available if you are sick. We are moving forward, however, and there will come a day when you are encouraged to take the step to come back on campus. Our family is better when we are together.


We have the opportunity to honor the Lord by:

·     Being respectful of anyone who feels they need to continue to wear a mask and distance,

·     Continuing to practice healthy habits,

·     Walking peacefully as we hear differing words from each other as well as officials and professionals, and

·     Praying for and encouraging each other as we find a new normal.


We continue to move forward toward some good days and we are excited about what is going to take place.