Jubilee Class – May 2024

by Gene Ayers, Doug Lusk, and Eva Euler
“As new members, we were immediately   surrounded by the warmest, most loving and genuinely caring new friends, folks who were passionate about their faith and were spiritually mature.” Most of these earlier members are now with our Lord, but others have joined our fellowship, continuing to serve the Lord in like manner, and support the ministry of the church.  As a class, we have always been there for one another through illnesses, accidents, family problems and too many  tragedies to count!”
Caring, sharing, and praying — hallmarks of this class of couples and individuals who are bound together by their love for the Lord and for families, friends, and neighbors. One of our notable missions is to care for one another, for their families, and for others that they know and love. We have cried together.
We spend time sharing prayer requests for loved ones, friends or perhaps an acquaintance who is in need. Prayer requests are sent out to the membership during the week, as well to our network of emails and postage mail. All done in the name of the Lord. 
Each Sunday the class joins together in the singing of a popular hymn, the celebration of birthdays and anniversaries, and the sharing of other activities that are scheduled for the church family.
We have had wonderful teachers over the years, including Kay Miller, Gene Ayers, Chris Christopherson, and Bill Parr.  Currently the centerpiece of the class is Mr. Parr’s lessons, taken directly from the scriptures, book by book and verse by verse.  We just finished the book of Daniel and will study Ephesians next.  
Throughout all these activities runs a deep current of fellowship that is both comforting and encouraging. What a privilege it is to have this place where we can sing together, pray together, worship together and know that our Savior Jesus is there with us, guiding and    directing us in all we do. It is a warm inviting place that welcomes anyone in need of a church family. Oh, and we laugh a lot, with JOY!

Trinity Life – May 2024