Walk Thru Easter 2024

by Melissa Marcum
My family moved to Kerrville in the Fall of 2015 when our youngest, Arwen, was only 6 weeks old.  We spent months visiting churches and praying about where God wanted us to plug in. We knew wherever that was would be where Cami and Arwen would grow up physically and spiritually. 
On March 28, 2016, we took the girls to something called “Walk Thru Easter” here at Trinity Baptist Church.  Cami and Arwen waved palm branches, tasted bitter herbs, but their favorite thing was rolling the stone away to reveal an empty grave!  We joined Trinity shortly after that Easter and have been so blessed by the people in Children’s ministry that have walked alongside us to teach, show, and be Jesus to our girls.  

I encourage you to bring your children, both little and big, to Walk Thru Easter with us.  Let the hope of Easter come alive for you and your children as we celebrate the Hope of  Easter in the Power of Christ’s resurrection!  

Trinity Life – March 2024