Agape Fellowship Class – February 2024

by Susan Lesser
Welcome to the Agape Fellowship Class! We are co-ed, ages 60+, and meet in the new adult wing, Room 215, at 9:45 am. Our room has a water fountain outside.
We are looking for a permanent teacher … is that you? Our interim teacher is Wayne Comer, with John Sontag as backup.
We are studying from Connect360 curriculum. Our study this quarter is Kingdom Power, the Sermon on the Mount. Each lesson is grouped into a few verses which gives us plenty of opportunity to discuss and converse. We just finished our study in Galatians. At the present time, we’re using the latest technology sparingly. If you come looking for slick presentations, that’s not us. Open Bibles and study guides – that’s us; just folks.

We love guests and would love to have you come join us. Would you like to have that joy of being with fellow Christians in a small class? We look forward to fellowshipping with you!