Kerrville’s ’23 & ’24 Eclipse Events

These will be historic events in Kerrville. Two major eclipse events within 177 days of each other. Because of Kerrville’s proximity to I-10 we are expecting our area to be a gathering place for anyone East and West interested in experiencing either event. Since our area is in the crossing paths of the two events anyone interested in that novelty will be attracted to the Kerrville area.
We know that these events will put stress on local resources like we have never seen, nor will we ever see again. Estimates start at 50,000 extra people in October and 150,000 extra people in April added to our area. Kerrville’s population in 2023 is 24,292 according to
  • Be prepared with at least 5 days’ worth of food, fuel, medicine, etc. at least two days before the events.  Anything you would normally just go get as needed may be unavailable or unreachable for the day or two of the events.
  • Plan to not travel much or at all while roads are crowded. (Trinity will have a normal schedule Sun., October 15th, but will have ONE Service Sun., April 7th.)  Gather with family and friends with the idea they are going to stay until crowds thin out.
  • Don’t look directly at the sun. Use eclipse approved glasses or an indirect method of viewing the eclipse. 
  • Be wise, but prepared to model the friendly nature of Kerrville to Eclipse travelers if called upon. Be excellent toward each other.