The Anderson Family on Mission

by Julie Robinson

The Andersons will be on furlough soon. They are going to Germany first to visit family and supporters from 6/28-7/13. Then they continue on to Chicago and from there will be in Texas on 7/29. They hope to visit with Trinity while they are stateside! 
In April, their first-grade teacher at the Amano school was medically evacuated to Germany and this has caused an administrative domino effect with school duties.  Their plates were already very full, and both Aaron and Andrea have taken on additional administrative duties due to the staff shortage. If you know of a retired educator who loves the Lord and is interested in serving in missions (short term and/ or long term), please share this urgent need with them.
  1. Their most urgent need is for Missionary teachers, dorm parents, a principal, and a kitchen manager. 
  2. Classrooms: Their classes have outgrown the small container classrooms and they need to be replaced with brick. We pray for the Lord to provide the finances to build these classrooms. The container classrooms will be moved to start up the vocational center that will be partnered with Amano. To build the classrooms it would cost $55,000 for a block of 4 classrooms.
  3. They are still in need of a booster car seat when they are in the US and a high chair to borrow (The booster in Illinois as they arrive there and a high chair to borrow both in Illinois and preferably one in the Kerrville area).
  4. Prayers for their family’s protection (physical and spiritual), strength and wisdom.
  5. Prayers for strength, patience, love and wisdom in balancing their time between mentoring, teaching the students, raising their girls, and managing Amano.