Pizza, Parents & Snowballs

by Caleb Boone
Last summer, Trinity held its Pizza, Parents & Snowballs party.  Our family attended the event, mainly so that our 4 boys could have a snowball fight in the middle of summer.  The party was a blast!  Trinity prepared Christmas crafts for all to do, from ornament making, snowman building, and other fun Christmas crafts.  After crafts was the snowball fight, that was done with soft fluffy snowballs.  Then we finished off the event with Kona Ice snow cones.  The boys all enjoyed it, as well as all who attended.
This year, Trinity is planning to host the same event on July 13th at 5:30pm.  They are going to have pizza, crafts, and games just like last year.  Bring your whole family for a fun Christmas in July party.