Music Notes – June 2023

Hello Church Family!
Let me first say a HUGE Thank You to the folks of Trinity Baptist for the way you have welcomed me and my family. As with any move, there are lots of emotions and lots of moving parts, but you have already shown us a great deal of love and support as we follow God’s plan. I want to also say what a privilege it is to serve this church as Minister of Worship, and I look forward to what God has in store for us all. My first few weeks here have been spent getting to know people and faces and finding out all the great things already going on here, and I am excited to see how I fit into that and see what I can offer as I join this great ministry team.
I want to thank the Minister of Worship search team for everything they did to make this process easy and clear for me and my family. I know there was no shortage of ministers who would be honored to be a part of this church and ministry team, and I am thankful that God brought us together in His perfect will and timing. There is no other way to explain why I am here now.
Please continue to pray for us as we move through this transition from Saginaw to Kerrville, selling our home, searching for a new home, getting kids settled into new schools, and all the other details that come with a move. We know God has brought us this far and we know He has already worked all of those things out, but we want a continued sense of peace and comfort to cover all of it.
Here’s to what we hope will be a long and loving relationship as we move forward.