Mission News: The Plaum Family

by Hollis Uecker
Martin and Jovita Pflaum and their two children are missionaries at the Amano Christian School in Zambia. They have been there a little over a year. Martin is the brother of Andrea Anderson, who is also a missionary at the Amano School with her husband, Aaron, and their family.
Martin has begun an aviation ministry in Zambia called Imbila Nsuma Wings (which means “good news” or “gospel” in the local language.) Aviation missions can make a life-or-death difference in Zambia. The roads are rugged and dangerous. Instead of spending days on a road trip, they can airlift people or supplies in a matter of hours. This speed is essential, especially in emergency situations. Recently, Martin flew someone suffering from a painful issue to a mission hospital to get professional help and he is now on the road to recovery.
Along with his aviation ministry, Martin and Jovita have the opportunity to interact daily with the boys in the dorm where their apartment is located. They lead youth nights with the 8th-12th graders at Amano and have found the one-on-one discipleship to be the most meaningful. They also invite the girls over for dessert and games to get to know them better. A highlight for Martin is getting to preach regularly, with an interpreter, at a church in the local community. It’s a small church with only about 30-40 members, but those who attend are eager listeners. Both Martin and Jovita love sports. He has been helping with a few PE lessons each week and is involved in coaching the boys’ soccer team. Jovita runs with some of the primary students in their weekly cross country run and joins in on pickup volleyball and basketball games.
Their biggest challenges are the change in culture and having a different way of life. Jovita misses the Southern hospitality and hearing the word y’all used daily. Another challenge is with the aviation ministry. The airplane they fly was built in the 1960s needs maintenance work every now and then. The engine needs to be replaced or overhauled. Even with these challenges, they know they are where God wants them and appreciates our prayers and support throughout the year.
The biggest news from the Pflaums is that in June of this year they will be welcoming 2 new members to their family. They are expecting TWINS!