Women’s Bible Study

by Shelby Peschel

I recently had my teenage son help me with some heavy boxes in our attic. Our quest was hunt down a Bible Study workbook that I had studied over a decade ago. Turns out, we had multiple boxes to search through, with over forty workbooks total much to his dismay and my delight.

As I rummaged through the different titles, I recalled many of the deep spiritual truths learned with each study.  There was the one on The Covenant where I learned foundational truths of God’s constant loving-kindness.  The one on Daniel where I learned that God is with me in the fire.  The one on Psalms 23 where I learned that no matter the valley, my Shepherd will guide me.  Reminder after reminder of lessons learned from dedicated time in study of God’s Word.

But perhaps more so than lessons learned, I recalled faces. Faces of the women, of all ages and all walks of life, who not only studied together but encouraged & uplifted one another. There was the one study where I was new to town and honestly just wanted to meet other Christian women. The one where I was an exhausted new mom and those smiling church nursery workers during Bible Study once a week were my saving grace. The one where we prayed fervently for healing for a class member’s mother. The one where we rejoiced together, the one where we cried together, the one where we laughed together…

As I looked over twenty years’ worth of studies, never once did I regret the time spent studying God’s Word and growing with other ladies.  Women’s Bible Study (WBS) is time well spent.  Simply put, it is life-giving. WBS meets Wednesday mornings and Thursday nights.  We are currently studying Jonah with plans for a summer study on 1 Peter and then Acts in the fall.  More information can be found online at www.tbck.org/adult-groups. There is a place for you, and you are invited.  This could be the one where…

“Lord, Your word is forever; Your faithfulness is for all
generations; I will never forget Your precepts, for You have
given me life through them.” Psalms 119: 89-93