Trinity’s COVID-19 Response

*UPDATE – 3/16

Thank you to all who worshiped at Trinity and to all who worshiped via live streaming yesterday.  Recommendations and meetings concerning the COVID-19 virus continue world-wide and the leaders at Trinity will continue to meet also.

The ministerial leadership at Trinity has closed our campus for meetings and activities at this time, but wish for you to know the church is still active. We are asking all of our off-site groups not to gather physically in homes also. While we are refraining from gathering together physically in groups to deter the spreading of any potential virus we are gathering from a distance.

Sunday worship will continue with a live-streamed service at 11:00 am at The service will not be open for onsite participants, but ministers will be available by phone for prayer and counseling. Our Wednesday study will also be streamed at 6:00 pm each week.

The church office will maintain normal hours and is available by phone.

Small group leaders please watch for information on tools to help your small groups stay connected during this time.

We look forward to this season of caution passing. This is uncharted territory for not only Trinity, but for all churches in the United States. With God’s help and direction we will walk through this together. Follow Trinity’s social media accounts as well as this site for opportunities for connection during this season.

*UPDATE – 3/14

We have continued to watch and evaluate as information has come in concerning the current COVID-19 situation. We will still meet tomorrow for worship and small group Bible studies, but we are encouraging each worshiper to consider their circumstance and decide to worship in person or online Sunday, March 15th. We will not have our customary donuts and fruit for fellowship or scheduled observance of the Lord’s Supper. Please check back here and on Trinity’s Social Media accounts for updates as changes are made in church plans. 

March 13, 2020

During the past 24 hours you have seen a significant world-wide response to the COVID-19 virus. Major sporting events have been suspended, universities are extending their Spring Breaks, and entertainment venues are canceling shows or opting for broadcasts with no audiences. These institutions and groups have responded out of caution with their audiences and situations in mind. As a multi-generational community of faith Trinity Baptist Church is responding to this season of caution intentionally and prayerfully.
Church leaders have been in conversation and are continuing to meet concerning the best course of actions for our community of faith. We wanted to make you aware of these church leader decisions. We will remain flexible during this time.

What We Are Doing

We are still worshiping and having small group Bible study together at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 am!
We will continue to monitor the local authorities and their recommendations for churches and large groups. At this time no notices have been made from these entities and we are gathering for worship and Bible study.
We will continue to make it easy for you to wash your hands.
Located around our buildings are containers of hand sanitizer as well as hand soap dispensers in the restrooms. Please wash your hands often.
Surfaces are being cleaned on a regular schedule.
Our custodial staff regularly sanitizes surfaces after gatherings using products designed for public buildings. As a precaution, extra cleanings will be scheduled during this season of caution. 

What We Are Asking

If you are sick or even feel sick, don’t come to church.
We are a people of community. You are loved and we get the power of community and touch. If you feel sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick stay home. Our services are streamed live on Sundays and available at other times in the Media Vault
Gather and interact wisely.
Wash your hands often. Sneeze and cough covered and away from others. In whatever you do be aware of how viruses like the flu and COVID-19 spread and take precautions for yourself and those around you.
Pray for this season of caution to pass quickly.
Nothing is out of the awareness or sovereignty of our Savior. We are known by the Great Physician. Pray for those are sick and the ones caring for them. Also, pray for those who are responding to this virus as they give guidance to the general public.
Follow Trinity’s Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) for updates!
Recommendations during this season of caution can change quickly. If church leaders need to make changes to these plans, we will utilize social media, email, and text messages. Members, please make sure your email and cell phone information is accurate in ShelbyNext.
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